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9/28/08 1:21:20PM

I started a thread like this back at my old site. I did a search here and didn't find anything similar so I thought I'd try and get one going. The original was dedicated to MMA but I thought we could expand on that and include all combat sports. For example, there's a video with BJ Penn fighting in a judo tournament or post old K-1 stuff, etc. Here's a link to the original thread to give you an idea:

One of my favourite entries that I posted was the fight between Renzo Gracie and Eugenio Tadeu. Not many of the TUF era would be aware of that one.

Share the wealth and post some old or obscure stuff that you dig and maybe others will too

9/28/08 1:26:17PM
Damn - just realized that I should've started this thread in the "Lounge"

Maybe a mod could kindly move it?

Anyway, the show must go on...

Here's a Youtube video of an old kickboxing fight where one of the legends from my childhood gets clocked resulting in one of the best KO's in histroy:

Jean went on to become one of the best and most dominant champions in North American kickboxing history. Pretty wicked start (only a few fights under his belt at the time) to an amazing career.
9/28/08 1:41:24PM
A direct link to the famous Gracie/Ismail BJJ match in Brazil is a necessity:
9/28/08 2:56:14PM
Good thread idea.

Though it was pretty much a fix,can't forget Inoki VS Ali.

And I can't remember off the top of my head,but the guy Maeda fought in a fixed pro wrestling fight that turned real.
9/29/08 3:27:29AM
Mirko Crocop vs Don Caras Jr.

Ah, the good ol' days in PRIDE when fighters could wear masks. Okay, it only goes back to '03 but it's something you're not likely going to see at high level MMA ever again. Watch what happens at the end of the fight when Caras goes to sleep and the ref has to remove the frickin' mask first
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