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6/27/08 12:19:22PM
Last week reported that Kimbo Slice vs. Brett Rogers was a done deal and that the fight was set for October. (Click here to view that report) While this is a likely possibility it remains just a possibility and is far from a done deal with nothing being signed and platforms, venues and other considerations still up in the air.

EliteXC VP and matchmaker Jared Shaw contacted to clarify his position and update our readership on the status of this fight after viewing how the story had been picked up and used on other websites.

"Slice-Rogers is far from a done deal. They have each other and this is definitely on the horizon but currently we don't know what our platform will be for the months of October and November and on. It's a fight that is likely to happen within a year."

Shaw also told that Rogers is currently in the mix and being discussed as Kimbo's next opponent but there are also two other intriguing names out there for Kimbo and a decision has yet to be made for his next fight.

6/27/08 12:23:17PM
6/27/08 12:36:00PM
Sounds like somebody is getting cold feet.
6/27/08 12:45:00PM

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Sort's mentioned in an article about a different subject.
6/27/08 1:09:16PM
looks like elitexc is still trying to protect kimbo but trying to put this fight off or avoid it
6/27/08 1:13:02PM
Shaw must have read all the forums and realized Kimbo is getting KTFO in the first 2 mins and he started to see the dollar signs flying away.
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