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6/2/10 9:28:05AM
After a loss in his UFC return last November and a premature retirement announcement last Friday, Phil Baroni says he will make sure he enjoys himself when he takes on John Salter at UFC 118 on Aug. 28 in Boston, Mass.

"It was a do-or-die [my last fight]," Baroni said Tuesday on The MMA Hour. "This fight I'm not going to look at it that way. I'm going to go there and enjoy it and not put the pressure on myself."

Last November, returning to the promotion where he first made his name in 2002, Baroni said he felt as if his back was against the cage. And just last week, the pressure was elevated to the point where the 34-year-old was ready to call it quits.

6/2/10 12:55:19PM
this is do or die for baroni
this is a winnable fight for him
6/2/10 3:30:39PM
I think Baroni needs to at least think about calling it quits soon. He puts on very exciting fights but the gas tank appears to be totally gone now and he just can't seem to win. Plus the guy tends to take serious punishment is ALL of the fights he is in win or lose. He has had a good career, one to be proud of. I think he will lose a pretty one sided fight to Salter (who I believe is underrated) and then he should move on.
6/2/10 4:59:56PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

this is do or die for baroni

That's what I was thinking. *Every* fight for him now is do or die...whether he thinks that way or not is a different story.
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