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6/13/09 6:39:37PM
Cain put an absolute clinic on a supremely overrated Cheick Kongo. Thank God.

Kongo has that powerful standup and obviously a powerful body, but his weakness has and always will be wrestling. I can't believe he actually took this fight.
6/13/09 7:39:24PM
I finished the card with 69 points.
6/13/09 8:03:00PM
I was only 7-4 but I had 66 points I believe. The fights I missed,were some that I either had and changed, or just took a chance on, that I realized probably wouldn't stand. I took Stojnic or whatever over Struve, only because after watching the weigh ins, I felt he might have it. The Hartt call was a streth but I felt it was a good underdog pick. I picked Uno, well changed to Uno, only because Fisher, to me, looked alittle dry, and subdued for the weigh ins, and I thought Caol's or "Carl's" if you listen to Goldberg. I thought his grappling skills would nullify Spencer's standup approach. Great fight though, I mite say.
Last, I took Silva. I did feel Franklin would KO Wandy only because I knew they'd bang. Now, I felt Liddell could take a better shot,and was the same heighth as Rich, so I saw Rich getting dropped, but having the advantage standing up. My stream lost in the second round, sounds like it was a great fight so, I'll except that.

Oh, I lost my fantasy parlay, and didn't do so good picking, but I won 130 real dollars betting, so props to Hard,Hathaway, and the Pauls!
6/13/09 9:09:34PM
Second post has been updated with all finishing times and all scores from fights that went to decisions.
6/13/09 11:31:43PM
What the ****. Im 2000% sure I picked Hardy to beat Davis and my history shows I picked Marcus. Thats B.S man.

Other than that, im absolutly stoked about tonight. Wins for Taylor, Kelly, Hardy and Hathaway, as well as Ace beating Silva have really made my night. Awesome.
6/14/09 3:58:53AM
105 points!!! so stoked on the results.. regret choosing uno though, and i cant believe hardy won
6/14/09 6:43:48AM
Did very good on this one, 101pts lost about 800$ though, whatever.
just sucks that ufc.com closed their picks before the playground did, once i got done with the playground picks i went over to ufc.com but it was too late...i wouldve broken the top 20 for sure.
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