UFC On FX 6 results: Penner/Donovan take FOTN, Alloway gets KOTN

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12/15/12 12:17:06AM
UFC On FX 6 delivered with solid action throughout the night. In the main event Ross Pearson further exposed the standing weakness of Georges Sotiropoulos. The only time Pearson was in trouble was late in the first round. He finished the fight less than a minute into the third with the lead left hook head been landing all night. TUF: The Smashes crowned it's winners in Lightweight Norman Parke and Welterweight Robert Whittaker who both delivered exciting fights.

12/15/12 12:17:48AM
Penner/Donovan has me scratching my head.
12/15/12 2:30:52AM

Posted by FastKnockout

Penner/Donovan has me scratching my head.

You aren't the only one. Lovely parting gifts perhaps?
12/15/12 2:37:59AM
either one of the tuf finals where way better than the fotn winner.
12/15/12 10:38:01AM
again? Holy shit, how is that 1 rounder a FOTN over Loughnane/Wilkinson or Pokrajac/Beltran? Even Whittaker/Scott was more deserving. This is FIGHT of the night, not ROUND of the night
12/15/12 10:42:28AM
Probably 6 better fights than that. Brutal.
12/15/12 10:59:51AM
I have no problem with Alloway winning KOTN. FOTN they give to Penner vs Donovan.
I probably would have given FOTN to Wilkinson vs Loughnane. Super close, exciting fight all the way through.

Penner will most likely be cut and Donovan almost got KO'd twice by this guy. Donovan probably won't be around very long either.
12/15/12 11:36:20AM
Gimme a fuckin break
12/15/12 12:42:18PM
Should of went to Pokrajac vs Beltran or Wilkinson vs Loughnane

KOTN was definitely Benny Blanco what a KO
12/15/12 12:46:57PM
They need to bring back fan voting for FOTN, We would get it right.
12/15/12 3:19:46PM
Shitty choice for fight of the night.
Beltran vs pokrajic was way better
12/15/12 11:44:44PM

Posted by Bubbles

This is FIGHT of the night, not ROUND of the night

But then you have a one rounder like Poirier/Brookins that definitely was a 1 round war, that deserves FOTN.
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