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11/17/07 8:39:51PM
Akihiro Gono vs. Tamden McCrory
Round 1
McCrory roughed up Gono's body with knees from the clinch throughout the first three minutes and 45 seconds of the opening frame. Gono landed the occasional low kick but couldn't put much together on his feet. At the end of the round, Gono was able to secure a takedown and side-control, but the PRIDE veteran couldn't do any damage from the position. 10-9 for McCrory.

Round 2
The second starts much like the opening round, with McCrory winning the standup battle. Gono then landed a crushing left hook, which sent McCrory to the canvas. Gono fought off an armbar attempt and took the mount, where he was able to secure an armbar of his own to force a tap at 3:19 of the second stanza.

Winner Gono

Marcus Aurelio vs. Luke Caudillo

Round 1
Aurelio dominated the fight. After a little bit of trading while standing, Aurelio performed an exciting Judo throw, but couldn’t capitalize. Back on their feet, Aurelio took Caudillo down once again, this time from the clinch. He immediately got to side mount and started throwing punches. He eventually trapped one of Caudillo’s arms and continued raining down blows, primarily hammerfists, until the referee stopped the bout.

Winner Aurelio

Joe Lauzon vs. Jason Reinhardt

Round 1
Reinhardt came out swinging wild. Lauzon clinched and took him down, and moved to north-south position. Reinhardt then turned, giving up his back and Lauzon sunk in the rear naked choke for the win.

Winner Lauzon

Thiago Alves vs. Chris Lytle

Round 1
This was a back-and-forth round with both landing heavy shots. Alves took Lytle down early, doing some damage. And early in the round, Alves opened a cut over Lytle’s left eye. Later in the round, Lytle came back strong, starting to get the better of the striking. (Alves 10-9)

Round 2
Another back-and-forth round, Lytle was a little busier with his hands, but Alves was landing huge leg kicks throughout that were hurting Lytle. But Lytle landed a nice front kick that put Alves on the mat. It was another close round.

The crowd is none-too-happy as the fight is waved off after the second round due to the cut over Lytle’s left eye. Despite winning, Alves wasn’t really pleased either, saying they should have let the fight continue. The crowd did cheer when Alves' hand was raised.

Winner Alves

Main Card

Spencer Fisher vs. Frankie Edgar

Round 1
Edgar scored a takedown early and landed in side control, but Fisher quickly put him into guard and then got back up to the feet. Edgar scored another quick takedown though and started ground and pounding from Fisher’s guard, landing some big forearms. Fisher was able to get back up momentarily, but slipped as he attempted a kick and Edgar immediately followed him down to continue his ground and pound to close out the round. (Edgar 10-9)

Round 2
Edgar starts off round two with a quick combination followed by another takedown and continued his ground and pound attack. Edgar stood and passed guard, but Fisher used the opportunity to get back to the feet, but Edgar again scored the takedown. Edgar remained very active with his ground and pound and near the end of the round got Fisher’s back for a brief time, but Fisher defended well. 10-9 for Edgar. (Edgar 20-18)

Round 3
Again, Edgar starts off with a takedown and quickly moved to half guard and started attacking. Fisher gave up his back, but was able to get out and back to the feet. But yet again, Edgar puts Fisher down on his back. They scooted to the fence and Fisher worked his way up the cage and back to his feet, but he was unable to do anything and got taken down another time. Edgar continued his ground and pound attack to finish out the round again. 10-9 for Edgar. (Edgar 30-27)
A judge scored a round 10-8, 30-27, 30-27, 30-26

Winner Edgar

Joe Doerksen vs. Ed Herman

Round 1
Doerksen started off aggressively, striking with Herman before they clinched on the fence. They tumbled to the mat with Doerksen on his back, but he worked his way back up to standing. Herman woke up suddenly with a nice barrage of punches and knees that drove Doerksen backwards and then drove him down to the mat once again. Doerksen had a cut under his left eyebrow at this point bout halfway through the round. Herman did a good job ground and pounding Doerksen and moved to side control and then to full mount before Doerksen scrambled and put him back into guard. The round closed out with Herman continuing his ground and pound attack. (Herman 10-9)

Round 2
Joe's left eye is almost swollen shut.

They come out, Ed throwing two jabs then a big elbow, Joe slips but is able to stand back up, Ed pushes foward gets a body lock and scores another good takedown, Ed is able to get to halfguard and he is raining down some more good elbows and shots to the ribs. Ed throwing some heavy shots but nothing really landing to well now, Ed now throwing some knees to the rbs. The ref brings them back to the feet.
Joe lands a good knee to the body, Left jab from Ed, They clinch, Ed lands a knee, Ed goes for another take down Joe is able ro reverse him!, Joe lands in side then goes to the back and gets both hooks in!!
Ed Rolls and goes to mount then gets Joes back! Joe gets a leg tho! Ed is able to crawl back up Joes back and is able to get out of it. Joe is turtled up and Ed rainds down some big shots to the head and then a very good knee to the ribs, Joe rolls and once again ed ends up in his guard, Ed throws a big shot and Joe throws a triangle and gets it in tight!! he works for the arm then just the triangle, the round ends and Ed is saved, that was a tight triangle. 10-9 Ed

Round 3
They come out and touch gloves.

Ed comes out and throws a big overhand elbow that is off, a nice jab Joe, Ed lands a good right hand that rocks him then follows up with a huge left hook that Drops Joe and its over!!!

Winned Ed Herman

Karo Parisyan vs. Ryo Chonan

Round 1
Parisyan caught a Chonan kick and quickly put the Japanese fighter on his back and started a ground and pound attack from half-guard. After a couple of minutes on the ground, the referee stood them back up. They traded a few blows, but Parisyan scooped Chonan up and dropped him down again and started more ground and pound. They worked back to their feet and started exchanging again. Parisyan took Chonan down again briefly, but they got back to their feet and ended the round in a clinch along the fence.10-9 for Parisyan. (Parisyan 10-9)

Round 2
They come out, nice inside leg kick from Karo, overhand righ from Karo that lands, Karo ducks in and goes for a body lock pushes him then lets go, the exchange jabs and Ryo lands a nice inside leg kick. they clinch up and ryo pushes him to the cage, they break aart, Ryo lands a big overhand right hand that rocks him, Karo waves him in and Ryo lands a big kick!, Karo grabs the leg and scores a take down but Ryo pops right back up, they clinch at the fence Karo breaks apart and lands a good elbow when he leaves. Nice jab from Karo, and then a good knee to the stomach from Ryo. inside leg kick from Ryo and once again Karo grabs the foot and scores another take down and lands in Ryo's guard! Ryo thowing some shots from the bottom but nothing big, Karo lands two good knees, Ryo puts his feet in Karos hips and pushes him off, Ryo stands up and gets a leg, Karo working for a standing Kimura but Ryo legs go of the leg, They body clinch and Karo scores a good trip. Karo in half guard and peppers Ryos face with some short hammer fists.Karo landing some pretty good shorts to the head both elbows and punches as the round ends.

Round 3
They come out, Ryo trhows 2 jabs, Karo throws an inside leg kick and hits the cup, quick break. Ryo throws a big right hand Karo slips it grabs the back and then goes to the front with an overhook, The ref breaks them apart, push kick fromkaro, over hand right from Karo then two right hands from Ryo that lands, Karo gets double unders and pushes him to the cage, nice trip from Karo and he starts raining down some elbows from halfguard. Karo seems to have alot of pressure, he gets mount and Ryo rolls! Karo working for a triangle, Big scramble and they both end up on there feet, big knee to the stomach from ryo that landed hard! They trade jabs Karo goes for a body lock again, Ryo lands another good knee, Ryo trys a spinning back fist but eats a punch halfway threw it. two jabs from Karo, nice right hand from karo, Ryo goes for a hail mary uppercut that is way off, Karo goes for a spinning backfist of his own and clips him. Karo pushes him to the cage and lands a very good elbow when they break apart. Inside leg kick from ryo, they both trade some shots as the round ends! Crowd booing for some odd reason.

Winner Karo Parisyan

Blah not happy about that. Karo's new nickname is "The Decision"

Houston Alexander vs. Thiago Silva

Round 1
WOOOO!!!They come out , and touch, Houston pushes in gets a jab then grabs a hold of Siva and pushes him to teh cage, knee to the body from Silva, then another one that thudded, the break them apart, push kick from Silva, then an inside leg kick. Push kick to the cage from Silva, Houston trhows a good jab that lands right hook is alittle off, Houston picks Silva up and takes him down Silva gets a leg and scores a takedown of his own, and gets to side, Houston is able to get back to halfguard, Silva mounts, Silva rains down a good elbow! Houston just trying to hold on, Silva throwing two good shots then a double hammer fist, two good elbows from Silva, Houston holding on again, Crowd chanting houston, Silva starting to unload on Houston, Big Big shots from Silva and the ref steps in and Houston is out!


The Main Event

Rashad Evans vs. Michael Bisping

Round 1
They come out both dancing around, nice stiff left hand from Bisping, Evans lands a prett good right of his own, Evans pushes in and gets a body lock and pushes Bisping up against the cage, Evan gets a foot and takes him down, Bisping is able to walk up the cage tho, they clinch up and Evans goes back in for a take down and pushes him back up against the cage, the ref breaks them apart. They trade and Evans lands two good solid shots, they clinch up and Bisping lands two really good knees to the leg then one to the belly. they break apart, Evans swingin for the fences, Body kick from Bispinds and Evans grabs it and scores a take down, Evans stands up and Evans throws a big shot, Bisping trying to kick him off but Evans gets to side control, Bispin trying to roll and goes and is able to get back to his feet. Bisping taking some deep breaths Evans has him pushed up against the cage, Bisping gets the Thai clinch and alnds a good knee, they break and Evans lands a good elbow , Evans drops levels and scores another take down, Evans now in Halfguard, Bisping looking for a sweep but isnt able to get it Bisping gets back to full guard as the round ends. Evans 10-9

Round 2
Bisping breathing hard in his corner. They come back out, Bisping throws a kick, then a nice leg kick from Bisping, Evans lands a big right hand of his own, Evans gets a double let, and picks him up Matt the hughes style and slams him down hard. Bisping working good from his back tho and keeping Evans from doing aything, the ref stands them up, nice counter straight from Bisping, Evans breathing really hard now, Bisping starting to pepper Evans with nice shots! Two good jabs from Bisping then a right, good left hand counter from Evans tho, then another big right hand from bisping, they trade right straights, Evans shoots in and eats a knee that makes him back back up, nice leg kick from Bisping, they trade right hands. Good left hook from Evans, jab right cross that grazes off of evans head, Bisping clinches up and scores a huge knee to the body, then another one, Evans pushes in trying for a take down and pushes Bisping up against the cage, Clinch from Bisping and he lands a nice elbow then aleft hook. They trade shots, Bisping shoots in and scores a takedown on Evans as the round ends wow. Bispin 10-9.

Round 3
Both sucking alot of air in the corner. They come out Jab from Evans then a nice left hook , both dancing around, both throwing abs nothing landing tho really, nice right hook from Bisping, body kick from Bispiping but Evans catches it and scores a take down but Bisping is able to get back to guard, Bisping pushing off the hips and gets to the cage, Bisping trying to wall walk up and does and not switches and gets Evans back! he goes for a slam but cant get it, they break apart. Jab left hook from Bisping, but Evans caught him with a stiff hook. they trade jabs nice combo right straight left hook from Evans, Evans shoots in and kinda slips but still is able to push Bisping to the cage! Bisping rolls him over and is able to get to his feet once again, Thai clinch and a good knee from Bisping, body kick from the Count, right hand from Evans, counter hook from Bisping that lands, Evans shoots in Bisping sprawls, and Bisping lands a good right, two good punches from Bisping, Clinch and an uppercut and knee to the body from Bisping, Evans shoots in for a takedown and Bisping turtles and rolls for a leg as the round ends. 10-9 Evans

Winner Evans by SD

11/17/07 8:59:40PM
Glad to see Gono start out with a win in the UFC!
11/17/07 9:14:03PM
the perfect record of reinhardt was really a joke !!

11/17/07 9:56:17PM
damn ref stoppages, always messing up my picks, throw a band-aid on there
11/17/07 10:38:54PM
edgar did what he was suppose to do, even if i was having fisher winning i can say congratulation to Edgar !!

11/17/07 10:42:35PM
Hell Yeah! An easy 10,500 off Edgar!!! He's the future baby! Watch the F out!!!
11/17/07 11:53:14PM
Wanted to see Chonan get the W, at least he showed some good judo defense...
Chonan did not do too much, but fighting a top 7 WW in your first fight in a cage, at the UFC no less was a tough challenge.

Lol.. CMill I gotta agree with ya on Karo "The Decision" 9 Decisions in his last 10 fights! Not even Machida can say that!

Would also like to see who Karo fights next
11/18/07 12:00:37AM
LOL !!

houston was not as impressive as he was before, he goes for the clinch instead of the ko and he got down full mount and bye bye !! LOL

i know a guy who lost 39000$ LOL

not in my team !!! LOL

11/18/07 12:01:06AM
You guys read it here first. Really happy Silva pulled it off, I love chute boxe.
11/18/07 12:09:10AM

I won 2,750 off Thiago, why he was such an underdog, idk, but hell yeah!!!

I won 13,250 on this GREAT card not even counting the picks bonus because I got the Thiago, Frankie, Karo fights EXACTLY right. Shoot Son!!!!

11/18/07 12:09:24AM
I love the Karo "The Decision" Parysian...... that is funny. I promise to use that alot from now on.

And Chuteboxe lives! Kinda. Silva has been training with GG at Team Link.
11/18/07 12:19:41AM
Guess I left all my good luck at the poker tables tonight, I'll either be 3-6 or 2-7 depending on the main event. Ouch. 2 straight events now with losing records.
11/18/07 12:22:08AM
Did rashad even land a punch on Bisping in the first round?
Its a wrestling match.. Bisping had pretty good takedown d... prob thanks to training with Rampage

Bisping won the 2nd round, good knees.. took evans down at the bell
11/18/07 1:17:11AM
Man i should have put more money on thiago, and picked the rounds better, other than that i done well

i'll watch the fights tomorrow probly, was there one that was particularly good or at least entertaining?
11/18/07 1:18:31AM
damn..put all my money on Bisping.....it was a lot closer fight than many people thought it would be...people who thought Rashad was just gonna run through him must of been out of their minds....nice LnP win my Rashad.

Went 7-2..not bad...

Picked Silva...Edgar
11/18/07 2:19:41AM
I was glad to see Alexander get taken out in the first round. I ended up going 6-3, never expected to see Fisher go down so easily. All-in-all this was a pretty disapointing card IMO. Edgar did his thing, congrats to him. Herman got his first KO and I was glad to see him do it. J-Lau got yet another 1st round W, so will UFC finally give him someone worth fighting?
11/18/07 5:39:06AM
wow...and to think i almost ordered this ppv...good thing i didnt...
11/23/07 4:05:11PM
I've been watching the Silva vs Alexander fight over and over... And although I was extremely dissapointed at first in Houston for losing.... now that I think about it I think he still showed a lot of heart and also that he belongs in the UFC.

If you think about it.. Everyone has been questioning Alexander's ground game, Almost Everyone... He must of had a lot of pressure on his chest to prove that he has ground game... thats why if you look right after Silva threw a kick Alexander goes for the Takedown and get it..... but silva reverses and controls from than on...

I think Alexander game plan was changed simply because he felt like he had something to prove... He tried to get the BJJ black belt on the ground.. but things didn't go as planned.... Houston tried throwing Silva's weight to get a better position, but the undefeated BJJ ground game really showed...

Houston tried hangin on for as long as he could, but 9 to 10 unanswered punches made him unable to cling or hold any more... after that silva reigned down a few more punches and this fight was over....

IMO if houston hadn't had the mindset that he needed to prove something.... than he could've kept this fight standing up.. and quite possible could've one this fight...

Thiago Silva isn't a no body.. he trains out of one of the best training camps from Brazil.... And I think that houston Has a great chance of winning, if these two get a rematch...

at the end of the fight you can tell Houston was pissed..... they said he got knocked unconcious but it must have been for a short period of time, because he got his ass right back up.. and now you hear about him being back in the gym to training....

I say good try Houston..... You got a lot of Heart... keep training ground.... And come back and submit that BJJ fighter to prove everybody wrong....

You may have lost some fans who are really haters... but your real fans... will back u up till the end... We just wanna see you make a comeback!
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