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4/18/09 8:53:30PM
what time dose the ppv start on mmaturf?/
4/18/09 8:54:53PM
2-1 18pts so far.....thats fine by me
4/18/09 8:56:49PM
0-2 Tostart but i just hit the first part of my parlay
4/18/09 8:57:11PM

Posted by mentalcase

what time dose the ppv start on mmaturf?/

10, although feed will switch to it about 10-15 minutes before and show previews & trailers until it begins.

Forgot this too for the all-nighters: Go to bjpenn.com after the event as they will stream the Kingdom MMA (Mayhem-Hose) undercard for free starting at 1:30 AM ET.
4/18/09 8:57:54PM

Posted by DCRage

Bocek wins. Late 1st-round RNC. So long, Mr. I'll Be The Handsomest LW In UFC.

I wanted Bocek to win even though I picked Dave at the last second
4/18/09 9:01:53PM
2-1 for me plus a BULLSEYE Thanks to Bocek
4/18/09 9:02:50PM
Herman takes the first. Both Kevin Iole and MMA Junkie have it 10-8!
4/18/09 9:04:19PM
yeah...doesn't sound pretty, thats for sure.
4/18/09 9:07:07PM
Sherdog also has it 10-8... I feel bad for Loiseau.
4/18/09 9:08:37PM
Dayyyuuum. Changed to D.B and the Crow today. Sounds like Herman is a man possesed. Looks like the Crow has 0 TD defence. Hopefully herman is gassed and David can pull it off in the 3rd lol.
4/18/09 9:08:42PM
canI get a blow for blow I thought the crow would kill him!!!!!!!
4/18/09 9:09:15PM
Herman takes the 2nd convincingly aswell
4/18/09 9:10:30PM

Posted by Chazz

canI get a blow for blow I thought the crow would kill him!!!!!!!

From MMA Junkie:


Round 1 - Loiseau recieves a huge ovation in his UFC return and immediately batters Herman with body kicks. Herman closes the distance, clinches an takes the fight to the mat. Loiseau gives up his back, and Herman rains down a series of elbow strikes and punches with his opponent in the kneeling position. Loiseau briefly gets to his feet, but Herman scoops him up, pulls Loiseau's knee to his chin and takes him back to the mat. Herman frees a leg, takes the mount, and then takes his opponent's back when Loiseau rolls over. Herman follows with more punches, but Loiseau gets to his feet. The crowd can sense an upcoming spinning backfist, but Herman drags the fight back to the mat before Loiseau can get off any offense. Herman again takes his opponent's back but can't get in his hooks. "F--- you Herman!" chants fill the arena as Herman delivers an ongoing assault to a kneeling Loiseau. Herman delivers three brutal knees to the body and then lands another. Loiseau looks to his corner for help, but Herman delivers two more huge knees to the ribs. Five more land before Loiseau gets to his feet, but Herman clinches and lands knees before a lopsided first round comes to a close. MMAjunkie.com scores a dominant round for Herman, 10-8.

Round 2 - The start of the round is delayed because of excess water in Loiseau's corner. We're finally underway, and Herman ducks under a spinning back headkick. Herman shoots and takes Loiseau to the mat, frees a leg and drops some elbow strikes from above. Loiseau reclaims full guard, but Herman continues the assault. Herman frees a leg to half guard then takes mount, and Loiseau clings to him. Loiseau rolls over, Herman takes his back, and Loiseau again remains in the kneeling position. Herman again crushes his opponent with knees to the ribs. Five of the blows land before Loiseau tries to get back to his feet. Herman denies it and delivers punches and elbows from the dominant position as Loiseau remains kneeling. Loiseau briefly gets back to his feet but is dragged back down by Herman. A persistent Loiseau gets back to his feet and has a huge knot above his right eye. The fighters remained clinched while standing, and Loiseau balances out of a trip-takedown attempt. The referee restarts them, and we're underway again. Loiseau dances and looks to land a homerun shot, but his Superman punch misses wildly and Herman stuffs the takedown attempt. MMAjunkie.com scores it 10-9 for Herman.
4/18/09 9:10:59PM
Chonan always is in a split decision.

I was a hair away from picking it, but it wouldnt have mattered since he didnt get the split anyway.
4/18/09 9:12:19PM
Dave lost my parley so now I'm all for the Crow to just drill Eddie
4/18/09 9:13:49PM
Looks like the crows second stop in the ufc might be over already if this domination continues.

I also changed from Pokem to Kang today aswell so im fully expecting the professor to pull off a triangle now.
4/18/09 9:15:29PM

Posted by Aaronno9

I also changed from Pokem to Kang today aswell so im fully expecting the professor to pull off a triangle now.

Same I got money one Pokem though
4/18/09 9:16:01PM
Herman takes a dominant UD.

Judges have it 30-26, 30-27, 30-27

4/18/09 9:16:09PM
Weh-iffed on Loiseau that's for sure. Hopefully Professor X comes through for me against Liu Kang.

2 30-27s and 1 30-26...Herman.
4/18/09 9:17:25PM
Flow: 7-2 58pts.
Juanez: 7-2, 45pts.

woooo Herman and Kristopf

2/3 parlay hit!!
(Herman (X), Soszynski (X), Shogun)
4/18/09 9:17:32PM
<------read my avatar

What happened Crow?
4/18/09 9:18:32PM
1-3. Anybody having a worse night ?
4/18/09 9:20:02PM

Posted by MMAcca

1-3. Anybody having a worse night ?

nope but I'm 2-2 which is disheartening since I really hope MacDonald loses but since Herman won, I'm starting to think J-Mac will win its just a suspicion
4/18/09 9:20:44PM
3-1, 26 points.

The Crow has been in too many fights where he just takes 3 rounds of punishment. Dude's too tough for his own good...
4/18/09 9:22:32PM

Posted by burialchamber

3-1, 26 points.

The Crow has been in too many fights where he just takes 3 rounds of punishment. Dude's too tough for his own good...

2-2, 21 points
4/18/09 9:22:41PM
2-2 10 points, this should be a fun night.
4/18/09 9:23:16PM
For UK fans, The Countdown show is on Setanta 2 now
4/18/09 9:23:52PM
Over/Under: Number of remaining prelims finished before 10 PM: 1.5.
4/18/09 9:23:57PM
i'm 1-3 with 5 points. come on shogun
4/18/09 9:25:20PM
Thank you
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