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4/18/09 4:38:36PM
We're underway!
Tonight's card:
Prelim matches (may not air on PPV):
Eliot Marshall beat Vinny Magalhaes by unanimous decision, 2 30-27s and 1 29-28.
TJ Grant beat Ryo Chonan by split decision, 30-27 Grant, 29-28 Chonan, 29-28 Grant.
Mark Bocek beat David Bielkheden by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:57 of round 1.
Ed Herman beat David Loiseau by unanimous decision, 2 30-27s and 1 30-26.
Nathan Quarry beat Jason MacDonald by TKO (strikes) at 2:27 of round 1.
Denis "Liu" Kang vs. Xavier Foupa-Pokam
Matt Wiman vs. Sam Stout

Brian Stann vs. Krzysztof Soszynski
Cheick Kongo vs. Antoni Hardonk
Luiz Cane vs. Steve Cantwell
Chuck Liddell vs. Mauricio Rua
Main Event: UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites for the title
*-Bielkheden missed weight yesterday, coming in at 157 (limit is 156). I haven't heard anything about subsequent attempts so I'm assuming either he made weight or Bocek took the fight anyway and will have an extra $1500 or so coming his way.
If Silva wins tonight he'll set a UFC record with his 5th straight successful UFC Middleweight Title defense.

Since a couple people have been asking me about it already, MMAturf.net should have live streaming of the PPV tonight as usual. They always have multiple streams.
4/18/09 5:12:48PM
Can't wait for this to begin, I'm already outa my seat readin all these fights to come.
4/18/09 6:06:33PM
I'm about to start slamming cans of Dr. Pepper, between this and a late-starting NASCAR race tonight (roughly 8:45 PM ET start) I need all the caffeine I can get.
4/18/09 6:09:10PM

Posted by DCRage

I'm about to start slamming cans of Dr. Pepper, between this and a late-starting NASCAR race tonight (roughly 8:45 PM ET start) I need all the caffeine I can get.

No kidding, just started on a Mountain Dew.
4/18/09 6:13:41PM
damn early spoiler tonight
4/18/09 6:33:18PM
DC, thanks bro for being so on top of these spoiler threads all the time!
4/18/09 6:37:49PM
Anybody know any more about Chuck possibly pulling out of tonight's fight due to a toe injury ?

People are talking about it on the UG and Bloody Elbow have it on their Twitter page

4/18/09 6:48:20PM
Which was quickly overshadowed by the news that whatever Nick Diaz did to beat the CSAC drug tests at Strikeforce worked. His tests came back clean.
4/18/09 7:04:22PM
flush kit
4/18/09 7:23:23PM
Nobody ? Ok.....

Magalhaes/Marshal is up soon
4/18/09 7:45:52PM
If Chuck has to pull out i'll be absolutly gutted. Ive waited for this fight longer than I waited for Chuck vs Wandy
4/18/09 7:48:52PM
whats going on here thought the first bout was at 730? there is alot of fights i think they may fall behind a little bit
4/18/09 7:48:57PM
Starting in meer minutes. Where is everyone ?
4/18/09 7:52:00PM
Whats the hold up
4/18/09 7:56:17PM
Damn I cant belive Bookmaker diddnt offer odds on the Vinny vs marshall fight. i wanted to put some money on Vinny ftw
4/18/09 8:03:18PM
come on Elliot.
4/18/09 8:04:32PM
I didn't expect this to get out of the first regardless of who won...
4/18/09 8:04:58PM
Apparently Vinny is pulling an andy wang.
4/18/09 8:06:17PM
I don't want to hear about anyone pulling wang...especially in the middle of a fight.
4/18/09 8:06:40PM
One round each according to MMA Weekly
4/18/09 8:07:12PM
junkie sees it the same
4/18/09 8:10:06PM
Going to the judges. Junkie says 29-28 Marshall.
4/18/09 8:10:44PM
Well, this is starting out just great!
4/18/09 8:12:02PM
2 30-27s and 1 29-28...Marshall.
4/18/09 8:12:06PM
Marshal via UD - courtesy of Joe Rogan on Twitter
4/18/09 8:12:09PM
Don't worry Bo, there's always a chance Cecil Peoples is judging
4/18/09 8:12:33PM

Posted by bojangalz

I didn't expect this to get out of the first regardless of who won...

same here, really hope its doesn't go the distance
4/18/09 8:15:36PM
Dammit Vinny
4/18/09 8:16:48PM
Camp wars showdown update...

Team Thug Life 16 points

Playground Bullies 10 points

We're not worried though- the night is young.
4/18/09 8:18:05PM

Posted by Franklinfan47

Dammit Vinny

Same here!

Parlay shot already. $10k gone and my other bets won't cover the loss. Also 0-1

Ryo/Grant up next
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