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3/7/09 8:42:26PM
Boetsch takes 1 round convincingly apparently
3/7/09 8:43:27PM
Changed my pick to Brilz at the last minute... I think I might regret that real soon.
3/7/09 8:45:37PM
I learned through experience that changing your picks at the last moment are usually a bad move. Sometimes one gets lucky, but i know my record at least would be far better if i always stuck with my original pick.
3/7/09 8:46:23PM
Brilz is part of my parlay, PLEASE win.
3/7/09 8:47:41PM
Supposedly, Brilz wins the second impressively. Even fight.
3/7/09 8:47:50PM
I would imagine Boetsch should be tiring at this point if this goes as normal?
3/7/09 8:48:03PM
Brilza takes round 2
3/7/09 8:48:19PM
Had it ending in round 2. Oh well. Weekly has it even through 2.
3/7/09 8:50:29PM
Go Jason!!! Tim should be gassed bad by now if I know him at all. Take this third round and give me my parlay!!!!
3/7/09 8:50:51PM

You're in the spoiler thread, so expect spoilers

yeah no doubt, but give a little heads up. I am wanting to stay here, but trying to catch the play by play, but sherdog at times falls way behind. Then I will read the quick result.
3/7/09 8:51:36PM

Posted by Aether

Go Jason!!! Tim should be gassed bad by now if I know him at all. Take this third round and give me my parlay!!!!

Aaron Riley already lost.

At least if Brilz wins, my parlay is legitimately lost.
3/7/09 8:53:15PM
IT goes to the cards now. Weekly gives it to Brilz 29-28.
3/7/09 8:53:17PM
omfg.... I can't believe I changed my parlay to include riley at the last minute. Jesus christ I forgot about that. Originally it was just sell and brilz. ****.
3/7/09 8:53:59PM
C'MON BRILZ!!!! Get me 1/3 of my parlay, maybe the hardest 1/3 of it not sure.
3/7/09 8:54:52PM
Man this card is already screwing everybody over.
3/7/09 8:55:07PM
3 29-28s...Brilz.
3/7/09 8:56:17PM
1/3 of my parlay! now I need sell and miller.
3/7/09 8:56:25PM
I intentionally didn't put Riley in my parlay at first because of how impressive Nelson's striking looked in his prelim fight on TUF and then I switched it last night when I was tired and groggy. ARGH!!!
3/7/09 8:56:32PM
SWEET, parlay still intact and I am 2-1 with 12 points.

Not too bad yet.
3/7/09 8:56:36PM
I hate this card already Dammit Riley and Boetsch!

Would love to see the damage Boetsch could do with some decent cardio.
3/7/09 8:56:38PM
1-2 7 points
3/7/09 8:56:57PM
1-2 11 points.

3/7/09 8:58:00PM

Posted by chuckw94

1-2 7 points

Sam here buddy.
3/7/09 8:59:48PM
2-1 with 16, 1/3 of my parlay and won 378. Thank you Brilz even though you gave me a scare there.
3/7/09 9:00:09PM
I just noticed Brilz doesn't have the underdog bonus anymore.. too bad. Made some of my lost parlay money back though!
3/7/09 9:00:56PM
2-1 12 pts, I also changed vera to round 1 ko instead of round 2 at the last second.

Pookie you're right, from now on once I'm fairly confident in my picks I'm not touching them for 3 days before the fight. I let other people's opinions and articles and stuff affect my best judgment.
3/7/09 9:01:10PM
2-1 12 Points BRILZ!!!!!!!!
3/7/09 9:01:10PM
3/7/09 9:02:36PM

Posted by Pookie

Posted by chuckw94

1-2 7 points

Sam here buddy.

Me too
3/7/09 9:04:01PM
1-2 with 11 pts. Not a great start by any means.
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