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3/8/09 12:18:04AM
cecil would go way to far
3/8/09 12:18:22AM

Posted by MMAcca

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

jardeaner by split

I hope you're wrong and it's not Forrest/Rampage all over again

i hope rampage wins because I could use some points.

I wonder if the promised title shot had any effect on the fight.
3/8/09 12:18:41AM
IT MUST be a full moon outside right now!

Cecil Peoples was the only judge to score the fight the way it shoud of been.
3/8/09 12:19:03AM
he wants his belt back how many time can he repeat himself
3/8/09 12:20:10AM
holy intense
3/8/09 12:20:17AM
I was JUST going to post who wants to take bets on how many black on black crime jokes rampage makes leading up to this fight.
3/8/09 12:21:33AM
God I hope Rampage beats that guy....

3/8/09 12:21:37AM
holy **** was that shonie carter in the purple suit asking rampage for an autograph?!?!

someone needs to make a .gif of that
3/8/09 12:21:38AM
Rashad get ready to hand your belt over to Rampage because he is gonna be coming for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3/8/09 12:21:42AM
is it just me or did rashad say he digs rampages ass
3/8/09 12:22:09AM
1st round in the mind games/war of words definately goes to Rampage .

Rashad was getting wound up and is rubbish at smack talk.

3/8/09 12:23:00AM

Posted by Aether

I was JUST going to post who wants to take bets on how many black on black crime jokes rampage makes leading up to this fight.

My guess is 415
3/8/09 12:27:39AM
fabricio scherner? lol.

3/8/09 12:28:33AM
Brandon Vera looks like he's back. I have always been a Vera nay-sayer, but the one that is fighting in there tonight is a different animal. That's legit Muay Thai right there.

edit: Thank GOD someone shows why people should use proper Muay Thai kicks more often. Sweet jesus this is the number one thing missing from MMA right now. Good MT kicks changing levels and when a fighter finishes throwing hands he needs to end with leg kicks.
3/8/09 12:33:39AM
Looks like no Riley-Nelson. We're getting Boetsch-Brilz and that went the distance.
3/8/09 12:35:36AM
ROFL Kevin Randleman in a dress. So true. Those chicks are gross.
3/8/09 12:53:02AM
Well, 8 minutes left and they're not going to air Riley-Nelson, so that does it for tonight. Good night, and good luck. And remember to set those clocks forward in an hour! And if you're pulling the all-nighter, enjoy DREAM 7.
3/8/09 12:56:24AM
MMAturf is going to show DREAM7 right?
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