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2/21/09 10:11:34AM
Time to get things setup for UFC 95, which starts in a couple hours. A couple things to remember first:
This is an International event, so it's airing on the US on tape delay at 9 PM ET/PT on Spike. Therefore, if you do not want spoilers ahead of time, STOP READING NOW!
If you are outside Europe and want to watch live, MMATurf.net WILL HAVE LIVE STREAMING OF THE MAIN CARD. They should have at least 2-3 different streams available. If you're new to their site, keep in mind that you need to use Internet Explorer for their stream. If you're using Firefox you need the IE Plugin, which they will link you to.
Please do not post anything related to what happened today (results/spoilers/etc.) outside this thread until at least 3 AM ET (8 AM GMT) Sunday morning. Remember that Spike does not have a "staggered feed" in the US so the West Coast will not get to see it until 9 PM their time (midnight ET). Please don't spoil it for them beforehand.
Finally, fantasy game scores/results will not be posted until after the Spike broadcast has ended. That prevents spoilers.

Live results/discussion will commence below. Enjoy the fights, everyone.
2/21/09 10:14:16AM
Live discussion/results begin here.

We're underway!
Unaired prelims:
Mike Ciesnolevicz beat Neil Grove by submission (heel hook) at 1:03 of round 1.

TV fights:
Paulo Thiago beat Josh Koscheck by KO at 3:29 of round 1.
Junior dos Santos beat Stefan Struve by TKO (strikes) in 54 seconds. (prelim)
Demian Maia beat Chael Sonnen by submission (triangle) at 2:37 of round 1.
Nate Marquardt beat Wilson Gouveia by TKO (strikes) at 3:10 of round 3.
Terry Etim beat Brian Cobb by TKO (stirkes) at 10 seconds of round 2. (prelim)
Dan Hardy beat Rory Markham by KO at 1:09 of round 1.
Evan Dunham beat Per Eklund by KO at 2:14 of round 1. (prelim)
Main Event: Diego Sanchez beat Joe Stevenson by unanimous decision, 2 30-27s and 1 29-28.
Paul Kelly beat Troy Mandaloniz by unanimous decision, 2 30-27s and 1 30-28. (prelim)
2/21/09 12:06:03PM
There's some interesting fights on the under card with some varying fight styles and large size differentials too.
2/21/09 12:43:35PM
im up, im up. fights are to start in 15?
2/21/09 1:03:48PM
The two start hard both fiercely striking each other. Kelly doesn't want to touch gloves. They clinch and dirty box. Kelly drops Mandaloniz with a cross and follows him to the ground they stand up clinching again and Kelly instigates a takedown from the clinch. Knees and short elbows are thrown as they travel across the cage. A lot of dirty boxing from the clinch ensues, Kelly looking more aggressive with his hands, but equally eating some knees. Kelly looks more hungry for the fight. The two exchange punches, taking it in turns and each looking hungry for the finish. Kelly goes to the ground in Mandaloniz's guard, throwing short shots. An elbow opens a cut above the left eye of Mandaloniz. It is bleening heavily down the side of the face of Mandaloniz. The round ends with Mandaloniz covered in blood.
MMA Weekly scores the round 10-9 Kelly.
2/21/09 1:06:32PM

The two start striking. The cut on Mandaloniz is big. Kelly quickly takes it to the ground looking to open the cut with short elbows. Kelly must be feeling strong at this point. Mandaloniz holds him close and the fight is stood up. Mandaloniz is still looking like he has fight in him. Kelly takes it to the ground again. Mandaloniz tries to take his back, but Kelly escapes, standing up in Mandaloniz's open guard, raining down punches. Mandaloniz attempts an armbar but Kelly escapes, ending up in Mandaloniz's guard again. Both men look tired. With 10 seconds to go, Kelly tries to get a final few punches in. MMA Weekly scores the round 10-9 Kelly.

R3 - Both men start the round with no intention to take it to the ground. Mandaloniz looks tired and he has a cut under his right eye. Kelly is taking his time much more than earlier rounds. He must feel that the fight is his and not looking to make a mistake. Mandaloniz still has a sting in his punches. He bloocks a short elbow from Kelly, before the fight again goes to the ground. Kelly escapes an armbar attempt to land in Mandaloniz's guard. The crowd begin to boo at the relative lack of activity on the ground. They are heavily backing the home fighter, Kelly. As the fighters stand up, Mandaloniz forces the pace, with Kelly striking on the retreat. At the fence, Mandaloniz goes for a takedown and Kelly winds up on top in his guard, before the round ends and the two men show their respect for each other. Kelly circles the cage with his hand raised, for the home crowd. MMA Weekly scores the round 10-9 Kelly
2/21/09 1:14:43PM
Kelly wins by UD. Scores not yet available.
2/21/09 1:17:11PM
Awesome. 1-0, 11 points, and 1/3 of my parlay won.
2/21/09 1:24:09PM
Grove vs. Ciesnolevicz looks to be up next.
2/21/09 1:29:48PM
wooooooow mike c
2/21/09 1:30:19PM
Neil Grove vs. Mike Ciesnolevicz

R1 - The two men touch gloves. Ciesnolevicz goes for a take down and Grove ends up on top. Ciesnolevicz attempts a leg lock, moving to an inverted heel hook, finally causing Grove to tap to the disappointment of the British fans.

Mike Ciesnolevicz def. Neil Grove by Submission (Heel Hook) 1.03 R1

Dam. 1-1
2/21/09 1:31:47PM
Damn that a was a quick one,1-1 here also.
2/21/09 1:33:54PM
1 win and 1 loss and 5 points. not to good so far
2/21/09 1:35:30PM
2-0 with 16point, a decent start for me.
2/21/09 1:41:31PM
i got 4k on eklund, he better not disappoint
2/21/09 1:49:11PM
seriously? that's a dangerous bet.
2/21/09 1:52:08PM
wow, great. unbelievable.
2/21/09 1:53:27PM
I detect a lack of excitement in that post. did per lose?
2/21/09 1:54:49PM
that's why I took eklund out of my parlay.

I'm getting destroyed so far on this card. argh.
2/21/09 1:55:18PM
Upset! Again! Dunham KO at 2:14.
2/21/09 1:58:19PM
3-0 so far, but only with 17 points.

Here's to hoping Cobb and Dos Santos can give me an undefeated prelims (and some money).
2/21/09 1:59:46PM
great! 1-2 right now.
2/21/09 2:03:37PM
2-1, damn eklund, his "bad intentions" got him KO'd lol, same number of points as previously mentioned.
2/21/09 2:03:46PM
in unrelated news, per eklund and troy mandaloniz have been cut from the UFC!

2/21/09 2:04:38PM

Posted by Aether

in unrelated news, per eklund and troy mandaloniz have been cut from the UFC!


2/21/09 2:07:47PM

Posted by Aether

in unrelated news, per eklund and troy mandaloniz have been cut from the UFC!



I'm 1-2 now with 11 points. Eklund and Grove f'd me over
2/21/09 2:10:49PM
is the struve fight next?
2/21/09 2:11:45PM

Posted by kris_ericson

is the struve fight next?

2/21/09 2:12:24PM
2/21/09 2:12:36PM
Over. He's not that Struve...dos Santos TKO in 54 seconds.

If this keeps up, we just might get as many as 9 fights on TV!
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