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10/25/08 11:41:46PM
Tough round to call.....Thiago?
10/25/08 11:42:01PM
That first round was really close, Kos landed more after that moment.
10/25/08 11:42:23PM

Posted by jae_1833

Tough round to call.....Thiago?

Agree tough round , after the knockdown Josh recovered very nicely
10/25/08 11:43:59PM
Oh, do pardon me about the call for Sherk vs. Kos for title fight ....I am a little buzzed...Crown and Coke baby!!!!!
10/25/08 11:44:53PM
Kos needs to take the fight to the ground before his legs are shot and he cant do it anymore.
10/25/08 11:46:55PM
That round could go either way. Kos definitely did better than the first
10/25/08 11:47:18PM

Posted by juanez13

Kos needs to take the fight to the ground before his legs are shot and he cant do it anymore.

If he gets it to the ground early and lays out some good punishment for the entire round he might just steal a decision.
10/25/08 11:47:30PM
Im going 10-9 Kos that round
10/25/08 11:47:45PM
Another round like the first 2, and we are going to have a controversial SD.
10/25/08 11:48:02PM
Nice fight...I got 1 round Thiago, and 2nd round Kos.
10/25/08 11:48:32PM
Tough round to score, but I think Alves stole it with the leg kicks.

Looks like I lost the hot bout again.
10/25/08 11:48:34PM
Kos will do well just to finish this fight.
10/25/08 11:48:56PM
Weekly has both rounds for Thiago ....

SH*T, no way KOs is winning this fight
10/25/08 11:49:55PM
Damn hot bouts. Spoil my night every time
10/25/08 11:50:10PM
Looks like this fight is gonna come down to how the judges score leg kicks. The second could go either way, but I'd give it to Thiago. Unfortunately for my picks. No hot bout for me...
10/25/08 11:50:34PM

Posted by Aaronno9

Damn hot bouts. Spoil my night every time

I pretty well with hot bouts, sadly I NEVER get the extra points with finishes and round
10/25/08 11:50:45PM

Posted by juanez13

Weekly has both rounds for Thiago

Kos needs to finish extremely strong to maybe get a controversial SD, but i agree with MMA Weekly here.
10/25/08 11:51:04PM
an eye for an eye
10/25/08 11:52:14PM
Heh. Did Joe Rogan do that on purpose? "A lot of people view the sport as brutal, and a lot of eye pokes would add to that. *5 second pause* BRUTAL LEG KICK!!"
10/25/08 11:52:43PM
dumb move for kos to take the the fight on such short notice but i do respect him for trying
10/25/08 11:53:19PM
I guess if theres a saving grace for kos its that he didnt get finished or look to take any injuries, so he should beable to take his fight at the next fight night and get himself back in the W column.

Josh deserves a nice little bonus for taking the fight on short notice and putting his title aspirations on the line to give this event a good co main event.
10/25/08 11:53:49PM
What a kick!
10/25/08 11:54:09PM
Alves is a beast!
10/25/08 11:54:14PM

Thiago Alves is the real deal afterall.

That was impressive
10/25/08 11:54:46PM
big ups to koscheck for surviving

Next up for Alves, GSP
10/25/08 11:54:58PM
Decision to Thiago....too bad for me.
10/25/08 11:55:02PM
All I can hope for is Cecil is a judge
10/25/08 11:55:18PM
he made a believer out of me
10/25/08 11:55:26PM
Even though Kos probably lost, his stand up has come so far, he stood up with Alves and took it all the way.
10/25/08 11:55:37PM
I think it's time fo MMA fighters to learn to check a damn kick.
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