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4/19/08 11:30:49PM
went from 2-4 to 5-4, GO RICH AND GEORGES!!!!
4/19/08 11:31:02PM

Posted by scoozna

Unbelievable....what the hell kinda fight was that? Switch your stance Starnes?

I lost a lot of respect for him there.

same, i lost respect for kalib, and to add on he lost my parlay

also new found respect for quarry, he tried to make it exciting....but i think its impossible to make a fight impossible when someone is literally running away.

If i can change, and you can change, than anybody can change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great comments by quarry
4/19/08 11:32:48PM

Posted by Aaronno9

Anyboy watching the calzaghe hopkins fight aswell? Its really close going into the last round, but one thing i will say, boxing fans can never say anything about the ufc being to brutal, or boring when there laying on top of each other, becouse hopkins has litterally clinched and headbutted his way through 7 rounds now.

Slightly off-topic, but for those wondering, Calzaghe beat Hopkins by split decision. Calzaghe is now the linear Light Heavyweight Champion and runs his record to a perfect 45-0. Most impressive.
4/19/08 11:33:38PM
The Quarry and Starnes fight was ridiculous. Take about not wanting to fight. The ending made it worth while though when Quarry was mocking him with the weird arm punching thing and Starnes was still backing up scared
4/19/08 11:35:47PM
Let's go Franklin and Serra!!! Frankling for my parlay and Serra just for the hell of it
4/19/08 11:39:20PM
Ive only picked one fight wrong tonight, but i haven't had a perfect pick yet! Cmon rich!
4/20/08 12:43:41AM
Yes! Rich franklin and joe calzaghe have made my month. Lutter looked good, but i think rich showed his ground game is pretty good with his transition out of that armbar.

There was a small earthquake here after the gsp serra fight, word on the grapevine is it was caused by so many people jumping off one pair of matt serra nuts at the same time.
4/20/08 12:50:31AM
Oh Jimimak....Natedawg...Porch928....Tien Lung......
4/20/08 9:47:40AM
Sorry for not being able to update live during the last 2 fights, site went down for updating event stats even though the show wasn't over.

Mixed bag for me last night, didn't do so well on points because I think I didn't nail any fights, but I went 9-2 on my picks after a bad night last time out, so I'm more than satisfied there. And hit my wagers and small parlay too.
4/20/08 10:32:12PM
Starnes was limping after the fight. it was his right leg I think. o well, gotta wait and see the physicals and stuff.
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