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4/22/12 1:12:17AM
For those of you beating the shit out of your F5 key, you can stop. The results will be updated in approximately an hour. Hippysmacker is smacking hippies and will be home soon.

Relax, look at porn or cry because Miguel Torres got knocked out and ruined the rest of your night for you so all you wanted to do was sit on the couch and cover yourself in mayo and listen to Pat Benatar cassette tapes on repeat all night long.

4/22/12 1:15:08AM
im here for props.....
4/22/12 1:32:05AM
I picked McDonald....but I will rock out to some Pat B.
4/22/12 1:49:02AM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

I picked McDonald....but I will rock out to some Pat B.

4/22/12 1:56:18AM
Hey ANN-DEE "Hit me with your best awaaay!"
4/22/12 2:04:58AM
I wonder if we all pressed f5 at the same time if we could crash the site
4/22/12 9:10:26AM
Getting spanked for refreshing the page has never been so funny.
4/22/12 9:48:45AM
This is my fault, not Hippy's. He had txt'd me way before asking if I could take care of it this time because he wasn't able to get them done in time. MY fauly - not Hippy. I didn't get it done, and I'm embarassed to say that my 31 going on 81 ass was zonked out by the end (east coast). I do apologize, and we'll be granting Fleek access to this soon too probably, as he's getting close to proving he's a playground OG ;-)

My personal and work life have been both shitty and busy lately, but I'm close to breaking ground on a full-scale site overhaul. Not gonna give away any clues what's going to be involved, but I'm not talking about just changing the header graphic to Neer-sping and making hyperlinks into barely noticeable monochromatic grey...
4/22/12 9:59:25AM
Also too: we're at T-minus 3 weeks from moving MMAPG from a solo server to a set of two servers, both of which are beefier and setup to split up the workload - aka less slow loading pages, fight camp leaders not crashing when trying to see pick completion percentages, etc. Progress is coming.... just not as fast as it should be, sorry! But it is coming, and we're bringing in the big guns to help.
4/22/12 12:12:30PM
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