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4/21/13 10:19:44PM
via THE main man, the Great Negrodamus has predicted a Gangster curb stomp this Saturday.....4-27-13, 10pm in the east, 7pm in the west....ONLY ON PPV.

Fellow CHAELgrounders, Negrodamus also told me to tell you, to bet all your bankroll on Chael.....PION.
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4/22/13 2:22:59AM
It didn't take a Negro nor a Domas to predict that!
4/22/13 7:03:27AM
Still less impressive than when gsp beat koscheck in 1s in the first rd via atomic teabag. Or so wiki predicted...
4/22/13 4:48:31PM
How come you didn't tell us about the other fights? I could have made a killing.
4/23/13 11:04:52AM
Weaksauce, Mr. need to step up your verbal game here!
4/23/13 9:08:15PM
Gangster stomp?Can't argue with that I suppose.