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POLL: Least respected fighter?
Tito Ortiz 10% (7)
Ken Shamrock 7% (5)
Kimbo Slice 19% (14)
Phil Baroni 14% (10)
I respect all MMA fighters 18% (13)
Other(please say who) 33% (24)
7/9/08 3:28:09PM
The question was asked, "Your least respected fighter" and people gave their answers to who was "their least respected fighter." why this has to turn into a arguement is beyond me. We're not in middle school andmore people, act like. Damn
7/9/08 9:12:02PM
Ken Shamrock...

He carries himself like an asshole... Then talk's about how he dserves everybody's respect... He get's very little from me... Apart from the respect for what he's accomplished of course...

I really don't like him...
7/9/08 10:29:37PM
Melvin "ground game" Guillard. I respect him, just not his ground game
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