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10/7/08 2:21:23PM
grammar check


10/7/08 2:26:28PM
I no longer respect this thread.

10/7/08 7:30:01PM

Posted by emfleek

Posted by disorderlyvision

didnt work out to well for you. try again. It was an Admiral effort though. but other people have done a much better job already.

It's TOO.

ooooo!!! you just got BURNED!!!

well, technically the burn was 2 months ago, but who really cares?
10/7/08 7:49:25PM
10/7/08 8:27:38PM
i don't get this. guilty of what? i personally don't have any respect for certain fighters: Gina Carano, Glilbert Yvel, Melvin Guillard and Krazy Horse

there is nothing wrong with not having respect for people when they do certain things that do not meet up to your standards for respect.

10/7/08 9:25:30PM
WTF... I'm thinking about locking this thread.

There's a point to be made, I'm sure, but it could be made in a much less brash manner. (Sentences that start with things like "What is with you guys and...." tend to rub folks the wrong way) Sure, people toss around "I respect this guy" or "I lost respect for that guy" left and right. Hell, I'm sure I'll lose somebody's respect for even considering locking this thread in the first place.

It's an argumentative topic and it's going to lead down a road of posters going at each other's throats (as it already sort of has) I don't want it to spin out of control.

As an attempt to steer the conversation neutral and ... you guessed it...respectful - I've never seen somebody say that fighters had to have the keyboard warriors' respect, but at the same time as fans can't we understand that 99% of martial disciplines preach respect? Most of the guys who are hardcore fans of MMA are formerly or currently practicioners themselves. It shouldn't be any surprise that they wish to see values like courage, honesty, integrity, and respect displayed by the elite practicioners of those martial disciplines. A lot of these pro MMA athletes take on the mantle of hero or villain during their competitions and along with that comes respect or lack thereof. Same as any other public figure or person you come in contact with really.


I lost a lot of respect for my state's politicians when they voted for/against the bailout. I lost respect for such and such fighter when he tested positive for steroids. I lost respect for my friend when he backstabbed me and banged my girlfriend. I gained respect for the school bully when he stood up for me. Blah, blah, you pick a story.. it's just life and it applies in all arenas.
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