UFC Requests 103 Drug Testing

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9/17/09 10:13:35AM
Although Texas does not require drug testing for combat sports such as MMA, UFC has requested that random drug testing be conducted this weekend at UFC 103. There was no drug testing at UFC's last Texas event, UFC 69, which appeared to result from a misunderstanding between UFC and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

9/17/09 7:41:52PM
All fighters should be tested before and after each fight no matter what state the event is held in. Just my 2 cents
9/17/09 10:36:58PM
Totally, EVERY fighter before and after....I wouldn't even mind if they instituted random tests for guys who had signed bout agreements. In the middle of their training cycle they would have to go to a doc and produce a clean sample or get cut out by the athletic commisions. Of course they would have to make it somewhat convienient for the fighter's you know. Brock isn't flying all the way to Nevada during a 6 week camp just to take a piss.
9/17/09 11:39:10PM
every fighter tested before and after every fight and during down times?

who's gonna pay for that out of curiosity?

99% of fighters don't fight in the UFC, the cost to have the test done could be their paycheck for the fight so it wouldn't be the fighters.

Do the small organizations have the funds to pay for 24 samples tested on a 12 fight card? No, most shows are very small and in the red as it is.

Where would the Athletic Commissions come up with the money to do this ? Donations from fans ?

It sounds good in theory to have it that way, but definitely not happening anytime soon.
9/17/09 11:44:11PM
Good point on the smaller shows, but the bigger orgs could easily afford it. That would set a precedence for the guys in the small shows. They would know that if they wanted to be in the big leagues then they would have to be able to pass the world's easiest test.
9/17/09 11:53:54PM
I agree that big organizations like the UFC could and probably should do the testing for every fighter after a fight, whether it's before and after doesn't really matter much to me.

I don't agree with the testing during downtime's though; I'm sure I see things differently than many but if someone can take something and put their job and livelihood on the line in hopes to have it flushed out by fight time then more power to them. But if you're caught get ready for some harsh penalties.

Each time they renew their license they are required to get tested, and if after each fight was added that would be well enough for me.
9/18/09 12:26:16AM
True....and fair enough, I just have seen a lot of the negative side of drugs so I am biased that way. The only drug I wouldn't have a problem with would be pot, and only so long as the fighter wasn't high during the fight.
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