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3/14/09 4:25:21AM
A welterweight bout between welterweights Anthony Johnson and John Howard will not be taking place during the live finale for the ninth season of The Ultimate Fighter on June 20 as previously reported.

Sources close to Johnson revealed to on Friday that while the match was proposed and Johnson had agreed to it, Howard never submitted a signed bout agreement.

3/14/09 4:58:40AM
Unless John Howard is suffering from an injury or personal problems, there's no reason for him to skip out on a fight where he can entrench himself in the welterweight division with a victory. Although Howard may be skipping the tier that's probably between the Chris Wilsons and the Anthony Johnsons in this step up, he probably shouldn't have the power to say no to a fight where a win will be able to keep him on the UFC's payroll for a much longer time than should he lose to a lesser fighter than Anthony Johnson.
3/14/09 11:02:18AM
i think they can find a guy for aj to beat up
3/14/09 3:05:41PM
first of all howard should be matched with a more even opponent and johnson should be matcheed with a more even opponent. Johnson is close to breaking into the top 10 so he needs better opponents, not more unproven guys. im glad this bout isnt happening
3/14/09 4:58:29PM
I'd like to see Johnson take on someone like Swick.

3/14/09 5:31:25PM
^^i have been thinking Johnson Vs Swick would be good
3/14/09 7:41:27PM
The UFC definatly needs to throw AJ in there with some stiffer competition. I cant wait top see how he fares in the top teir of the WW division.
3/15/09 9:51:11AM
Wierd. I hope Johnson gets a tough opponent and start to climb his way to a title shot.
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