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10/13/08 6:48:33PM
UFC light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar (11-4 MMA, 5-3 UFC) will return from a one-year layoff to fight undefeated MMA rookie Jon Jones (6-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC) at UFC 94, which takes place Jan. 31 in Las Vegas.
10/13/08 6:49:47PM
it seems like everybody has been asking about bonnar lately, well here he is. and he's getting a quality young up and comer with his first fight. i still think he wins though.
10/13/08 7:06:11PM
Jones was incredible in his Gusmau in his debut. It'll be interesting to see what he looks like with a whole year of MMA training under his belt by the time the fight rolls around. I actually think I like Jones as an early upset in this bout.
10/13/08 7:41:11PM
Bonnar + Xtreme Couture = Picking him until he comes up against top ten talent.
10/13/08 7:42:53PM
<------- Not a Bonnar fan but I do believe he wins this.
10/13/08 8:16:34PM
wow props to joe silva on this one. Jones looked great against Gusmao and Bonnar looked awesome in his last 2 fights before he got injured. Bonnar is training at Xtreme Couture and Jones is a very, very talented up and comer. for some reason i'm thinking Jon Jones takes this one.
10/13/08 8:42:52PM
Im kinda leanin towards jones on this one. but IDK who im gonna pick yet
10/13/08 8:54:38PM
Yeah, great to have Stephan back. I think everyone underestimates Bonnar. Some have even tried to tag him with the gatekeeper label..ugh. He's only lost to top guys Forrest Griffen, Rashad Evans, and Lyoto Machida. The only fight he's ever been stopped in was due to a cut. He has some good wins over Terry Martin, James Irvin, Eric Schafer, and Keith Jardine. I think he still has the tools to be a contender. Probably not a champ, but in the mix.

The American Psycho should take care of Jones with relative ease unless it turns into a wrestling match. If Jones tries those half-assed stand up techniques against Stephan he's going to get pummeled.
10/13/08 9:35:46PM
Jones is a good young prospect, but I do expect Bonnar to submit him. This is a very interesting matchup though.
10/13/08 10:47:26PM
Bonnar is just one of the those nice guys you gotta root for. I agree that he has only really lost to upper competition. Xtreme Couture is sure to help him get to the next level, hopefully he can do it.
10/13/08 10:53:04PM
Jones could pull the upset here once that he has got that first fight in the ufc and bonnar might have some ring rust. Bonnar might squeeze out a UD but if jones wins it will be a split decision.

Jones has a bright future win or lose, if he puts on another good fight. Just wait till he gets some more time to train and more fights. Watch for jones.
10/13/08 11:17:51PM
i hope this is not on the main card
it would have been nice to see bonner fight matt hamill
10/14/08 12:19:15AM

Posted by prozacnation1978

i hope this is not on the main card
it would have been nice to see bonner fight matt hamill

Who says that wont still happen? I would love to see that fight.

Regarding this fight though, Bonnar is going to be too much for this kid especially on the ground.
10/14/08 12:29:46AM

The Smerican Psycho is BACK!!! He will be right back in the mix in no time!
10/14/08 12:55:01AM
First off, kudos to joe silva. Never would have thought of this one, but i can't wait to see it....

I was at UFC 87 in minnesota, and the Jones/GUsamofight was on that card, although it wasn't aired on PPV. ANyway, yeah, I became a jon jones fan that night. THe kid put on a heck of a show and looks to be an exciting up-and-comer.

I dunno, but I'm actually gonna pick Jones here. Bonnar is a fan favorite and a good fighter, especially on the ground. If he can get Jones there, he can win. But I like Jones stand-up alot more, and the kid aint a bas wrestler either, so he may be tough to take down.

Could go either way, but I like Jones in this one
10/14/08 1:35:56AM
I'm picking Bonnar because of a few simple things. He has experience of some brutal wars and he's training at Xtreme Couture, so he won't be gassed and should have a decent gameplan.

Jon Jones is most definately one for the future though and i think this fight goes to a UD.
10/14/08 9:31:32AM
Very good match-up!

Glad that Bonnar is healed, I like to see this guy fight, and I hope he pull a Win there.

Jones looked impressive in his first fight, is a very close fight up there, don't know who I pick there, but I think Jones will pull the upset again, but i'll be rooting for Bonnar
10/14/08 11:34:44AM
i want to see bonnar fight a top guy.
10/14/08 12:05:02PM

Posted by Gipper

i want to see bonnar fight a top guy.

He'll lose if he fights a top guy.
10/14/08 12:38:30PM
You are gonna see a show. Stephan is gonna expose Jones as the next Houston Alexander.

Gonna come back with a vengence he now knows he can be the champ, everyone including Forrest believes that Stephan won the first fight, and that he lost the 2nd one. He knows he can hang with the man who is the champ, and is gonna come back form this injury with passion, Bonnar is on a mission.

Stephan v Forrest 3 for the title comming in mid 09
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