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5/8/12 12:43:58PM
No arm, no foul.

Newly-crowned Strikeforce Women's Champion Ronda Rousey has her first 135-pound title defense lined up for August 2012, where she's expected to face off against former division straphanger Sarah Kaufman at a location to be named, according to a report from MMA Fighting.

Sounds like Marloes Coenen's recent call-out fell on deaf ears.

5/8/12 2:17:23PM
I would rather seen a fight against Marloes, but Kaufman should be good too.

What I'd really like to see is a Judo clinic, hosted by one Ronda Rousey, where she throws her, let's her up, throws her, let's her up, throws her....until about 15 seconds left in the round and then armbars her. Sorta like Couture did in that episode of Pros Versus Joes.
5/8/12 4:32:22PM
i just farted
5/8/12 11:22:45PM
Ronda will be selling Kaufman's arm on Ebay after the fight.
5/9/12 6:51:20AM
Always happy to see a lycra clan Ronda ripping someones arm off and should be another 1 st rnd win IMO.
5/9/12 12:41:06PM
One of those quintessential style clashes.

Rousey should be favored, but if Kaufman can stay on the outside and avoid Rousey's clinch for just a couple minutes, Rowdy Ronda might be in a little trouble. Her striking defense is something Kaufman could easily exploit.

Kaufman should watch that Tate fight for a lesson. Don't move forward: you might get a few punches in but that's it before Rousey trips you and grabs your arm.

That being said, Ronda wins by first round submission.