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8/20/08 12:46:42AM
Bryan Alvarez of Figure 4 Online reported during the site’s daily update on Tuesday that the UFC appears likely to return to Montreal at the Bell Centre on Dec. 5 with current UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre a possible headliner.

8/20/08 12:49:22AM
now would this be vs BJ or vs winner of Diego/Alves
8/20/08 1:24:26AM
two ufc pay per views in dec i doubt it
8/20/08 1:40:53AM
That's the stupidest thing I've heard all week. Why the **** would UFC have a PPV on a Friday night.Won't happen.
8/20/08 1:49:31AM
they have had 2 PPV's in 1 month. But the fact that its a Friday is weird.

Anyhow if it is true, im 100% goin, and I will bet u best seat Tickets go for $800 instead of $550 this time around.

Last time was amazing, could only imagine GSP vs BJ.
8/20/08 1:52:04AM
Why couldnt they have a show on a friday night, Is MMA illegal on fridays or something???? What dont they like making money??, Thats pretty stupid!

It would work for me fine, It would be on a saturday afternoon, Cant complain about that.

Also, Maybe the only way they think GSP will fight again this year, Is giving him another hometown fight, And it wil make them ANOTHER shit load of cash.
8/20/08 3:30:55AM
this is dumb because gsp has already said in his blog that he needs rest and wont fight until early 09 meaning that it will most likely be penn vs gsp on the superbowl card.
8/20/08 7:12:57AM
its not illegal, but I have yet to see a PPV that wasnt on a saturday. PRIDE was on a saturday, just saturday in Japan time.

But the UFC stands to make less money because Saturday nights you can draw more of a crowd, sell more PPV's.

I dont even think Boxing has ever had Friday PPV.

lol WWE and TNA wrestling have Sunday PPV slots, so u say the next change after that should b on a sunday?
8/20/08 7:20:06AM
I don't see how you would draw a smaller crowd on friday than saturday... It's the weekend, friday and saturday night are essentially the same for the majority of people. I don't really see why people are upset about a friday ppv... what is the difference? Are you less likely to watch it on a friday than a saturday? If so, why? Do you have any logical reason to believe that you would have a harder time making money on friday than saturday?

I don't understand.
8/20/08 8:02:46AM
read the update

Update: The report has been removed from the website and no retraction has been issued. states that it contacted Dave Meltzer, who indicated their reporting was based on a local report in Montreal and that they were unable to confirm it.
8/20/08 8:38:16AM
If it's on a Friday night it probably would be a UFN or TV in some form.
8/20/08 6:24:31PM

Posted by DCRage

If it's on a Friday night it probably would be a UFN or TV in some form.

Its on Friday because they cant book the Arena for saturday because of Hockey, havent had the chance to check the article, but on an article I read earlier they said that was the reason.
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