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8/10/12 1:23:31AM
Tonight on MMA Uncensored, after addressing Jon Fitch's comments about Penn, Nate Quarry had a startling revelation:

Oh my God, talk about a ridiculous thing to say - calling B.J. Penn a "coward". We're talking about B.J., who was the Lightweight champion, who also fought Machida at Light Heavy weight, so he moved up 50 lbs. to fight Machida. Machida, who was undefeated at the time, just knocked out Rich Franklin, just knocked out Stephan Bonnar. B.J. Penn goes to fight him because he's a fighter. That's what he wants to do.

Fitch calling B.J. a "coward" is just Fitch trying to get the attention. Fitch trying to hype himself into another big fight, because the Rory MacDonald fight got postponed. And we have it on good authority, my insider has told me, that that fight has been set for the Fox card in December. So we're gonna get that fight.

If Quarry's source is correct, this fight is a huge gain for the UFC On Fox 5 card.

8/10/12 1:49:26AM
Free? Hell yeah
8/10/12 5:06:36AM
this would be so awesome!
8/10/12 6:28:44AM
Hell yeah if it's free

don't care who wins really. But I'll most likely be pulling for bj
8/10/12 7:43:32AM
main event? Penn will gas after 2 rounds and struggle to stand for rounds 3-5
8/10/12 8:22:37AM
8/10/12 8:45:13AM

Posted by prophecy033

Free? Hell yeah

8/10/12 9:28:45AM
I was bummed when the fight was initially scratched from UFC 152 but this is the best news I heard all day.
On the down side we'll have to wait 4 months. (December if I read that correctly).
This fight will be great for the FOX audience since BJ Penn's name recognition will bring in a ton of viewers. And it'll give Rory MacDonald some exposure to the casual fan that doesn't know who he is.
Depending on what they want to do with this card it could be even better than the last FOX card. The last one was a pretty good success IMO. 4 fights 4 finishes. Need I say more.

Maybe I'm being unrealistic but they could do wonders with this card.
Some potential fights that could blow this card out of the water.
-Nate Diaz vs Benson Henderson/Frankie Edgar winner.(5 rounder for the belt)
-Rory MacDonald vs BJ Penn (I think 3 rounds would suffice because of BJ conditioning)
-Chael Sonnen vs Rashad Evans or Wanderlei Silva
-Ian McCall vs John Moraga or Chris Cariaso (To open the show)
-Joe Lauzon vs Somebody. Lauzon just continues to get Of The Night Awards
-Donald Cerrone vs Anthony Pettis (as long as Cerrone beats Guillard.)
There's too many fights to list all of them just a few ex.

I know that's a bit much for one card but they could hand pick any 3 of those potential fights to go with BJ vs Rory Mac and set a new Fox record. And get some great fighters some free TV exposure.
8/10/12 10:51:13AM
Thats GOOD news, \. all the drug testing BJ wants made me wonder if ,(the dropped date,) two things were related or not.
8/10/12 11:08:53AM
Thank You Dana
8/10/12 12:09:59PM
Im glad they are still doing this fight. I really think Rory is going to prove himself (if he hasnt already) I could see it ending poorly for BJ.
8/10/12 12:31:41PM

Posted by Theoutlaw08

Im glad they are still doing this fight. I really think Rory is going to prove himself (if he hasnt already) I could see it ending poorly for BJ.

imo it's just as likely for it to end poorly for Rory as well.

Bj is a threat anywhere. Standing. And on the ground. More so on the ground I feel
8/10/12 1:29:50PM
BJ should take advantage of the extra training time so he makes it out of the first round.

Glad this fight is still on the map to happen and that BJ decided to wait instead of taking a 'filler' opponent.
8/10/12 5:53:20PM
Great idea!! Penn is a definite draw.
8/11/12 8:31:45AM
Awesome i love it
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