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6/5/13 2:05:50PM

“The door is still open for BJ Penn to return to MMA in the future,” Ariel Helwani reported on the most recent edition of “UFC Tonight” on FUEL TV. “He’s actually training right now and has to check in with his body and mind in the next few months.
“If he does come back, it will be at 155 pounds.”


I do realize the irony of this being reported by but I still like the prospect of it happening.
6/5/13 3:10:37PM
Dana doesn't want him to come back but I can see him liking BJ returning to 155.

I think they'd give him a big name "exciting" fight such as Cerrone or Thomson however I'd love to see how Khabib would fair with him. BJ is what 1-4-1 since 2010. Putting him against a top name is not going to be healthy. He isn't at the top of his game anymore and fighting a Thomson or Cerrone will only produce a result we already knew. Fighting an up and comer will give them a chance to get a HOF win under there belt and if Penn is back to his old form he should run through them...
6/5/13 3:53:56PM
id love to see BJ back at 55, he was a monster.
Khabib just called him out on twitter saying he'd love to fight a legend
6/5/13 6:37:26PM
He has nothing else to prove. I think he should just call it a career. I'm pretty sure him and Randy are the only fighters to hold belts in 2 different weight classes.
6/5/13 10:09:27PM
I am hoping its on that super dallas card
6/6/13 1:41:40AM
I'd like to see him face Gray Maynard.
6/7/13 5:04:54PM
I love BJ, but I really don't want to see him make a return to any division. If he does I do think lightweight is the best option, but I still don't want to see him do it. I really didn't like watching Diaz destroy him, but that last fight against Rory was just too hard to watch for me. I truly felt bad for BJ because there was just nothing he could do.

His time is up IMHO. He was and will always be one of the greatest champions in UFC history, but his time is up.
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