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9/10/09 9:57:30AM
While a promised main event is still lacking for the UFC's next trip to the U.K., the undercard is slowly coming together.

British-based magazine Fighters Only is reporting that a welterweight bout between John Hathaway (11-0 MMA, 2-0 UFC) and Paul Taylor (10-4-1 MMA, 3-3 UFC) is in the works for UFC 105 on Nov. 14 in Manchester, England.

According to the report, bout agreements have yet to be signed, though both fighters have agreed to the contest.

9/10/09 11:23:11AM
Should be a pretty entertaining fight. Both fighters bring it, and John Hathaway has looked pretty descent in his first two UFC fights.
9/10/09 11:32:42AM
Word on the grapevine is that Matt Riddle is taking on Nick. Sucks for Nick, becouse Matts just going to be to strong and with his wrestling base, I see a pretty clear UD for Riddle.

As for Taylor Hathaway, well thats a tough fight to call. If it stays standing, Taylor will probably knock him out, but if Hathaway can close the distance and clinch up or get takedowns, then he can take a UD.
9/10/09 11:45:37AM
i also did hear nick is fighting riddle
but i like the taylor vs hathaway fight
but still overall this card is lacking
9/10/09 3:54:26PM
great fight (taylor-vs-hathaway) surprized they're going with UK vs Uk in any of their fights at this point and a tough fight to call for sure
as far as the Nick Osipczak vs riddle fight -another good fight and I have no idea who I would go for in that one either, cause I dig all four of these cats, good card so far
9/10/09 6:22:38PM
This is good news. I really enjoy watching Taylor and Riddle both. I hope they lock up a solid Main-Event for this card. Also really looking forward to watch Demarcu and Matt Brown fight again. Brown looked sick in his last fight against Sell.
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