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7/30/12 6:21:15PM
MMA fans were buzzing a few weeks ago when news broke that the UFC had signed one the top flyweight prospects in the world: Jussier da Silva. Now, it appears that he has a date and opponent for his Octagon debut as Tatame is reporting that he'll face TUF 14 winner, John Dodson:

Jussier ‘Formiga’ da Silva will make his UFC debut on October. The former Shooto champion, fighter, who was considered the best flyweight in the world years ago, will have his chance on the show against John Dodson at October 5th, for UFC on FX 5.

7/30/12 6:22:31PM
This fight should be really good.
7/30/12 6:31:20PM
wow sick fight, liking this card so far
7/30/12 6:32:40PM
Absolutely loving this match up!!

Early prediction for FOTN.
7/30/12 7:44:23PM
Awesome match! Da Silva's only loss is to Uncle Creepy, and he's got some good momentum going into this. Dodson is coming in hot too after his fight with Tim Elliott, which was a great show.

Could this be a #1 contender match?
7/30/12 7:55:03PM

Posted by Budgellism

This fight should be really good.

Kinda like when 2 lap dogs go at it
7/30/12 8:32:26PM
Possible flyweight FOTY.
7/30/12 8:59:13PM
The average fan probably doesn't realize what a big matchup this is for the division. Da Silva has to be top 5 in the division and Dodson is probably not far behind, both with their best years ahead of them.
7/31/12 12:11:23AM
Should be for next title shot
7/31/12 12:20:14AM
Poor Tachi Palace.

Glad to see Jussier in the UFC getting matched up like he should.
7/31/12 5:46:35AM
Tough first fight for Da Silva, Dodson is a beast if Dodson can stuff the takedowns he will more than likely get the win.

Da Silva needs to get the fight to the mat as fast as he possibly can