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6/15/07 8:05:09PM
Jon Fitch (14-2 MMA, 6-0 UFC), who continued his perfect record in the UFC with a win over Roan Carneiro at Tuesday’s UFC Fight Night 10, could face fellow welterweight contender Karo Parisyan (17-4 MMA, 7-2 UFC) in his next fight.

11/25/07 10:53:34PM
karo would lose that fight most likely, fitch's sprawl is as good as GSP's
11/25/07 11:15:21PM
Heck yeah! My dream fight at 170!!! My life is almost complete!

I'm rooting for Fitch no doubt but besides Diego Karo just destroys or runs through wrestlers even though Fitch IMO is the better and improved version of Diego Sanchez!!!

This match is FOTY IMO. Sick fight! I have Fitch by split decision in a complete non stop action war!!!
11/26/07 1:24:26AM
you do know this was posted on june 15th right?

although i do still see this fight happening anyway, and will be a great fight that i would love to see. I kinda see karo winning by ud
11/26/07 2:31:02AM
Even though im not the biggest Karo fan and as much as a terror Fitch has been on i would still have to go with Karo because he seems so determined to get that title and has looked pretty impressive his last two bouts.I would rather see Koscheck vs Paryisian and i think koscheck would win that one split decision.
8/16/08 1:10:49AM
This would make for an exciting fight IMO. I've been wanting to see Karo back in action and if it happens, I'll be pulling for him. No offense to Fitch, I think he's a great fighter and hold nothing against, I just want to see Karo do well and finally prove himself.
8/16/08 2:01:33AM
Did I enter a time machine somewhere in this thread ?
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