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10/31/09 7:06:45PM

A long-rumored contest between UFC sluggers Houston Alexander (9-4 MMA, 2-3 UFC) and Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson (3-1 MMA, 0-0 WEC) will take place at The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale on Dec. 5 in Las Vegas
10/31/09 7:48:25PM
Would rather have Kimbo fight someone from the show, but prolly trying to get good ratings.

In the end I hope Kimbo gets KO'ed and Houston comes out like he did in his first fights guns blazing.
10/31/09 7:48:53PM
I like this instead of making more Divisions I would like to see more catchweight fights in the HW bracket.
10/31/09 7:48:54PM
What if Kimbo takes Alexander to the mat and submits him?
10/31/09 7:52:13PM
I actually like this fight. Kimbo gets a lot of crap that he doesn't deserve IMO. The guy is humble and dedicated, and he seems to learn really quickly.

I would like to see him pull out the victory here, but I think Houston probably KOs him. Seeing these two roll would be hilarious lol.
10/31/09 8:20:19PM
Sounds like fireworks to me boys!!!! Kimbo is training at ATT and should be improving. This fight has absolutley no chance of going to the ground. Houston is going to end up sucking dust off the Harley logo early in the 1st! His head movement is still non-existant, and forget about footwork. I just cant believe they are putting it on the Finale. thoght for sure they would put Kimbo on a PPV soley for the PPV buy pull? Maybe they are trying to build him up?
10/31/09 8:54:11PM
10/31/09 8:55:08PM
hmm...although i really like kimbo and he has shown him self to be likable and a good guy, he should be fighting someone from the show like they have done on every other TUF.. dana white said hell treat him teh same etc...but obviously hes not.. i know its about money and ratings, but dana white is lying again
10/31/09 11:54:30PM
i predict first round ko either dude
11/1/09 1:03:39AM
Some black on black crime!! Houston via omaplata
11/1/09 1:26:24AM
Even though I've been gaining more respect for Kimbo during the shows, I can't see him winning. They are mirror images of each other, with Houston having more power, Muay Thai and Boxing background as opposed to just Boxing. You have to give it to Houston round 1 KO.
11/1/09 1:50:42AM
I got 66.6666666% of that pick locked....

1st Rd

I'll flip a coin for the 33.333333% remaining.
11/1/09 7:42:25PM

Can't believe they didn't stick this on the PPV instead.

Not complaining though.
11/1/09 10:50:32PM
This is gonna be awesome! I can't wait to see someones head get punched off
11/2/09 11:41:45AM
I am impressed... Kimbo shares the same record as me in the WEC...
11/2/09 4:53:31PM

Posted by suckafoo

I am impressed... Kimbo shares the same record as me in the WEC...

Really? Fedor has the same record as me in the UFC.
11/3/09 9:19:51AM
I would like to see Kimbo win but I have to give the match to Houston
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