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3/28/09 9:18:32AM
Former UFC LIghtweight and TUF 5 runner-up Manny Gamburyan, making a drop to Featherweight, likely will make his 145 debut at WEC 41 against John Franchi.

3/28/09 9:25:38AM
Great move by Manvel Gamburyan. He has a good skillset, but a lot of guys in the UFC's gigantic lightweight division were going to beat him on size alone.

John Franchi is a tough prospect, but Gamburyan should be able to win that fight.
3/28/09 10:57:36AM
I think manny should dominate this fight and bully franchi around.
3/28/09 11:34:36AM
this is a good decision on manny's part
3/28/09 1:28:25PM
i figured this would be manvils next move....makes sense
3/28/09 6:06:00PM
He be a problem for other FWs.Has a real good skill set to work with.
4/2/09 10:46:51PM
Nice. I think Manny will dominate this fight and do great things at 145.
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