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11/30/10 10:30:05PM
That's what Josh Gross said today on Twitter. And that's Antonio Silva he reportedly turned down.
Gross also thinks he'll sign with SF sometime next year and might fight on a smaller show come January.
11/30/10 10:38:30PM
Ooo, i think Bigfoot would have took his lunch money honestly. Probably a smart move.
11/30/10 11:05:47PM
Well I mean wasnt he coming off an injury, wouldnt have been too smart to take a fight against Bigfoot on short notice.
12/1/10 2:55:03AM
i think even if duffee was in shape it still would be a bad match up for him at this point in his career
12/1/10 3:13:34AM
It's a shame that he isn't going to fight somewhere that gets televised though, yeah Bigfoot may have been too much for him, but it could set up future SF matches for him. With the fan base growing as it is right now you need to be televised to make it big in the sport.
12/1/10 11:51:01AM
smart move, duffee got too much hype too fast. He belongs in smaller shows right now, he should build up his resume and experience before stepping up.
12/1/10 10:39:22PM
Give him Herschel!
12/1/10 11:42:34PM
i disappointed with duffee. i had high hopes for that dude. he seemed like he could have been a beast with a little more experience.
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