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6/21/07 9:14:12AM
Oft-injured former middleweight contender Dave Terrell (6-2 MMA, 2-1 UFC) could return to the UFC as soon as this year — and he’d do so as a 205-pounder, according to the official Web site for Gracie Fighting.

6/21/07 9:54:09AM
205 is too stacked to see him make a serious return...should have stayed at the weak 185, could be more of a force there. Besides hes at full health now, but 1 month into training hell have somthin wrong with him
6/21/07 12:56:49PM
good news if he actualy does come back. i always thought him to be a good fighter. i think either division could use his presence but i also think 205 may be just a tad bit to big for him.

but either way i will be glad to see him back
6/21/07 2:34:52PM
if he does go to 205 then i would like to see him fight keith jardine but if he stays at 185 then put him against kendall da spyda grove
6/21/07 5:31:32PM
Good news! I was just watching him fight Evan Tanner for the middlewight belt a little while ago...I thought he was looking good til Tanner started mounting what was admittedly a rather lacklustre ground and pound offensive. I do think though that Terrell would still be better off fighting at 185.
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