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10/30/09 10:30:55AM
It now appears that anyone who is a Thiago or facing Jon Fitch at UFC 107 is cursed. First Fitch's original opponent, Ricardo Almeida, was forced off due to injury and now word is that the replacement, Thiago Alves, is now off too. There are unconifirmed reports Alves has a torn PCL. Alves was to have faced Paulo Thiago initially before Almeida's withdrawal broke up the fight of the Thiagos. No word yet on a potential replacement to face Fitch.

10/30/09 10:34:30AM

This blows.
10/30/09 10:44:18AM
10/30/09 10:57:41AM
What the hell! That card is cursed!
10/30/09 11:32:50AM
A torn PCL? It will probably be at leat next summer before we see Alves again.
10/30/09 11:57:01AM
Man i was really looking forward to this fight, this blows!
10/30/09 1:08:45PM
Enter Paul Daley?
10/30/09 1:22:26PM
2 quick updates, Junkie has updated their article:
Confirmation of injury-torn PCL.

Alves reluctantly agreed to withdraw after the injury report. Estimated return date: Early 2010. So based on that, a safe initial estimate on how long he's out is 3-4 months.
10/30/09 2:18:05PM
What a bummer. I was really looking forward to seeing Alves fight again.
10/30/09 7:27:56PM
alves will be back by march

i think fitch will face a dong kim next
10/31/09 6:10:31PM
UPDATE: According to Mania, the replacement is Mike Pierce.
10/31/09 9:12:30PM
that sucsk. that woulda been an interesting fight to watch
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