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6/29/07 2:44:59PM
Renzo Gracie accepts the challenge of a rematch (after his knee heals) from Frank Shamrock.

6/29/07 3:43:41PM
My heart is with Renzo, but with the way than Frank fought Baroni, it's going to be difficult for him.
6/29/07 4:45:52PM
I really hope renzo comes prepared because I would love to see him tool Franky but something tells me frank is going to KTFO renzo in the first round
6/29/07 4:47:16PM
He was able to hang with him the first time and was doin pretty damn good. He can win, but in the long run do I see him winnin against a guy like Sham? Nah.
6/29/07 5:13:24PM
ooo i can't wait for this match will be a hell of a fight, goin for shamrock i think hope to hear more bout it
6/29/07 5:43:02PM
Shamrock is an animal he is def gonna take this fight.
7/1/07 6:22:06PM
Shamrock might as well come back and fight full time instead of all these preselected fights
7/1/07 8:30:02PM
I don't see this fight playing out much differently than the first time. Renzo will probably continue to take Frank down and control him from the ground.
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