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9/5/11 6:13:08PM
Renato "Babalu" Sobral has been an MMA fighter for 14 years now, and thinks his time in the cage/ring might be coming to an end soon. He still wants to fight again though, and is just waiting for Strikeforce to book him. He spoke to Tatame about his next bout, and how retirement is creeping up:

"I’m just waiting this event of the 10th goes by so that I know when I’ll fight again", tells, explaining how he’s spending his days with no scheduled bouts. "Meanwhile, I’m helping Rafael (Cordeiro) on the trainings, I have my gym, Gracie Barra Cerritos, where I train my student, I have my family… I have a big group of kids I like to teach".

9/5/11 7:47:24PM
all I read is Babalu and Retirement...and to that I'll agree
9/5/11 8:07:53PM
I like Babalu but when your face starts to look like Mickey Rourke's, its time to hang it up
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