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1/6/14 9:35:50PM
Monday’s shakeup in the UFC’s bantamweight division, and subsequent new main event for UFC 169, has meant a shakeup with the oddsmakers, as well.

1/6/14 10:41:54PM
I soo hope Faber wins!!
1/6/14 11:13:19PM
I'll be happy to see either guy win this one, but with Faber's hands undoubtedly still injured I don't even see this fight being competitive. Unless Faber wins it's a lose-lose situation for both fighters.

Props to Faber for stepping in, but I think he's making a big mistake. I can't imagine him fighting much longer if he loses this fight.
1/6/14 11:33:00PM
Definitely have to hand it to Faber for stepping in. He probably could have had them push it back a few weeks so he could get a better camp in but he didn't. This might be his last crack at a title in a long time too.

The fact is, it's better for the Bantamweight division if Faber wins. A trilogy fight with Barao is what this division needs imo.
1/6/14 11:33:48PM
I want faber to win but I think it's a huge mistake taking this fight on short notice.
1/7/14 1:24:06AM
Faber last title shot
1/7/14 4:05:27AM
Faber 3,4,5.
1/7/14 7:33:12AM
Bang Faber might check some kicks and and take that decision..still taking Barao
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