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4/2/12 12:42:59AM
It can be found here:

4/2/12 12:44:20AM
I thought this episode was going to be much harder to watch since there was a lot of the guys talking and being in the house and stuff but it wasn't too bad. The subtitles actually don't bother me as much as I thought they would.
4/2/12 1:05:52AM
Years of watching Anime has made me immune to subtitles.

I think Wanderlei has a far superior team.

I see 5 "talents" on Wandy's team, and 2, maybe 2 1/2 on Vitors.

The Best Talents, IMO -

T. Vitor
Damm - but not by as much as i would have expected based on his credentials.
Darkhorse - Hugo Wolverine - I think the guys good, it's just he's really small for Fw.

Sarafian - big dude, solid striking. Good team to sharpen his tools.
Darkhorse - Sergio Moraes - He's the best guy on the ground in the show, and he might be able to take it to the ground against most considering the lack of wrestling in these prospects.

Look Goods but i think are duds: Cezar Mutante, Pepey.

T. Wandy
Jason Rony - #1 pick, aggressive, should excel with chutebox coaches. Has already shown his chin and his power.
Vina - Tough guy, good finishing ability, tall. A lesser wrestler might get the best of him, but i think there's no one in the house who can go that route.
Macapa - Fought very calm and calculated, good everywhere. Question his composure under fire, but the guy's skills are refined.
Darkhorse - I dont think any are darkhorses, i could see all of them getting to the finals.
Massaranduba - The guy showed freak power, especially since the guy went up in weight to make 185. I think a good grappler like Moraes could give him trouble, but the guy probably holds a strength advantage over everyone.
Pe'De Chumbo - The most successful of these guys in the larger promotions, his wrestling/bjj seems a good niche in this house with the excess of strikers. Should go far, but could get sotiropolous'd

Duds - Macarro - The guy looked awful in his first fight. Very hittable, less power than one would assume, almost lost his slugfest with the least in shape guy on the show. I think he loses to anyone he fights.

4/2/12 1:41:48AM

Posted by Pookie
I think Wanderlei has a far superior team.

I agree
4/2/12 9:54:27AM
Disappointed in the fight. I felt that about 8 minutes of the fight, all they did so felt

each other out then within the last minute of each round they engage other with a

few quick hits and reset back in the middle. Overall, I wasn't impress with their

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