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3/27/13 4:07:52PM
Remember this guy?

Well, looks like he's now faced with some competition. Meet ridiculously photogenic jiu-jitsu guy.

3/27/13 5:35:10PM
omaplata... no big deal
3/27/13 6:05:03PM
"i got this in the bag, hey you, redhead in the first row, how about a nice dinner by candle light? maybe go dancing after, then maybe we can talk a walk on the beach, Im just about done here anyways, Id give it another 12 seconds, so let me know if you want to hook up"
3/27/13 7:21:10PM
That's awesome
3/27/13 8:37:49PM
That is the most casual omaplata attempt ever recorded. Dare I say that is a look of Fedor like insouciance.
3/27/13 9:12:27PM
Ransome Gracie
3/27/13 9:24:04PM
Doesn't matter if he's being choked out, how he's being choked out, if he's being knocked out or performing an Omoplata

He's always a cool customer.

3/27/13 11:49:34PM

Posted by Pookie

Ransome Gracie

id like to point outthis has been myavatar for no less then 24hrs! No props by the way.
3/28/13 12:22:47AM
There are some great meme of this picture HERE