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9/11/09 7:14:30PM
I know some people get absolutely sick of seeing stuff like this, but I never will. It's funny how quickly we forget what happened, and honestly I'm not surprised that there hasn't been a thread on the playground about this at all today (even though it's pretty much officially night time across the U.S. now) We owe it to ourselves to remember those who died, why they died, those who are still serving (civil or military) and to remain steadfast in our commitment to honor them on this date.

It's a sad day when patriotism and vigilance is looked down upon, but in case anybody ever forgets how real the threat still is just take a look at this news story which was just posted on BBC a couple of days ago. Scroll to the bottom and don't forget to scroll through the pictures so you can see the video of the bomb blowing up at the end.


Funny thing is that now a jury can't decide whether they actually intended to detonate the bombs on the plane or not, so the men may be let go. They can plan all of this stuff, gather the necessary materials and set up the logistics, but because they can't find evidence that they actually intended to go through with it they're possibly going to get off easy. Wow. Just wow.
9/11/09 8:39:25PM
I don't think anyone is sick of the things we see on tv and hear on the radio in these days every year, i just don't want to imagine the pain families have had to go threw with attacks like these.

Like everyone i pray for the families and hope they have somehow found a way to live on and support the people arround them rather than let the events destroy their families.
9/11/09 11:01:49PM
I still take a little time every 9/11 to stop and think about where I was, and how I felt that day. I watched some stuff on the History Channel today about it, and seeing the images of the towers still brings back the feelings of shock, horror, and sadness. I too hope that the families of all those people have found peace, and found a way to move forward from that day.
9/12/09 2:07:28AM
watching the special on history where they found crazy video footage, makes you think a bit.
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