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9/11/12 9:53:38AM

I agree with every single one except for Cruz vs Faber. I have no interest in that fight.

Their last one wasn't very exciting and it left no doubt in my mind that Cruz is the better fighter.
9/11/12 10:31:52AM
As a Fitch fan, I want to see his rematch against BJ Penn perhaps above all else. I hate unanswered questions in fights.

I agree with Faber/Cruz not being needed, and I would also add Hendo/Rua to that as well. That fight was so damn good, where both guys left everything in the cage, I don't think it's necessary to fight each other again. It's like see an absolutely epic film, that blows everyone away, and then a sequel is announced. Sometimes movies just don't need sequels, and I think the same can be said for some fights.
9/11/12 10:36:51AM
Good point about Hendo vs Shogun.

There is almost no chance that a rematch could live up to the original. If the fight makes sense sometime in the future (one of them holds a title and the other one is the #1 contender for instance) I would want to see it. Otherwise, its not really necessary.

Probably most of the people calling for that fight are people who were convinced Shogun won and want to see him get a rematch to redeem himself.
9/11/12 1:57:54PM
Big Nog vs Barnett - I'd watch it, but needs to happen soon.

Maynard vs Nate Diaz - first one was okay. Potentially 5 rounds for the 2nd.

Condit vs Kampmann - Another potential 5 rounder

Shogun vs Machida - Trilogy

Cruz vs Faber - Wasn't in favor of the scheduled 3rd one. Faber's old winning
ways don't work against this new breed. Pass.

JDS vs Cain - Scheduled, I believe.

Benson vs Pettis - Been wanting it since WEC ended

Kongo vs Barry - Could be wild again, but don't really like either.

Guida vs Sanchez - Pass, b/c of Guida's last fight.

Hendo vs Shogun - I think a second one would be excellent.
The one I'd been wanting was Shogun vs Rampage in the UFC, but Rampage fizzled out and not much desire for it.
9/11/12 2:11:29PM
A couple disagreements:
Kongo vs Barry- it was a great ending to a fight but not interested in a sequel

Rua vs Machida- I just feel like this would be way too predictable for the public. They have already fought twice and Shogun should be 2-0 in the series. Nothing to gain from watching Shogun win again

Not interested in any Guidance fights until he goes back to his exciting ways.

Also, I would like to add Condit Ellenberger to the list if the fight makes sense ranking wise in the future.
9/13/12 9:50:36AM
Anderson vs Forrest 2

9/16/12 9:07:46PM
Omg, no more Cruz v Faber...lol... agree with the guys posting above. I really don't see that match up going any differently than it has in previous fights.

I want to see a Rory Mac vs. Condit rematch.
9/17/12 3:38:23PM
Bendo vs Pettis 2

Pettis would win again via Showtime kick
9/17/12 5:04:21PM

Posted by DancingDoll

I want to see a Rory Mac vs. Condit rematch.

Fedor vs Werdum (to prove it was a flukey loss)
Jardine vs Alexander (I want to see revenge)
Fitch vs Penn (don't like draws)
Mir vs Lesnar (1-1)
AA vs Timmeh (no more stupid hybrid rule)
Koscheck vs Alves (full fight camp for both, many years since last fight)
Hardy vs Swick (Swick is now healthy, will be a FOTN contender)
Dias vs Maynard (Diaz won the last fight imo, will do it again)
Edgar vs Bendo (Frankie clearly won last fight)
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