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3/6/08 8:01:24PM
Normally, I'm not a huge fan of rematches. I'd rather see guys match up with new opponents, stretch their wings a little. Sometimes, however, a fight just ends inconclusively. Or maybe circumstances conspired against one fighter. Or maybe it was just such a barn-burner, it made you wish there was a fourth round.

Takanori Gomi vs. Nick Diaz. Gomi looked way off his game, and Diaz had his win taken away for a basically dumb reason. Still, this was a Fight of the Year candidate, and I bet both guys want to set the record straight. Diaz reportedly had surgery to clear up some of the scar tissue that was resulting in easy cuts, and Gomi looked pretty sharp against Ludwig.

Manny Gamburyan vs. Nate Diaz. Freak injury. Sh*t happens, I guess.

Josh Barnett vs. Mirko Cro Cop. Barnett had just fought a war with Big Nog and looked totally wiped out. Cro Cop had just punted Wandy's head into the fourth row and looked fresh as a daisy.

Paulo Filho vs. Chael Sonnen. It looks like this is back on, now.

Shogun Rua vs. Forrest Griffin and Shogun Rua vs. Rampage Jackson. At this point, I guess I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that Rua's career isn't wrecked.

Chris Horodecki vs. Ryan Schultz. They've split two fights, each with a TKO, and a third match - for the belt - looks like it could go either way.
3/6/08 8:02:53PM
A rubber match that i would love to see would be Fisher vs Stout 3. They have each won a decision and both fights were awesome. I think there needs to be a third one
3/6/08 8:17:22PM
The rematch i would love to see (and my breakdown of it):

Alves vs Davis

Thiago Alves is a warrior with the heart of a champion. He has a complete well-rounded MMA game with vicious stand up and well versed BJJ. His muay thai has really shown us how dangerous he can be, especially through his fights with Tony DeSouza and Chris Lytle. Alves has nasty leg kicks, some of the best i have ever seen implemented in MMA, and he knows how to trade as exemplified in the Lytle fight with powerful hands as well. he is a black belt in BJJ, bu tnow-a-days who isn't. he is well versed on the ground but some times gets overanxious and puts himself in bad positions like he did against Spencer Fisher finding himself in a triangle. i think that he is now more cool and collected and won't make those same mistakes anytime soon but his JJ is more of a defense instead of an offense because his forte is definitely the muay thai which he has been doing since he was 15. Davis is my favorite fighter and always puts on an exciting show as well. his MMA game is ever-evolving as he is learning how to incorporate his boxing more and more into his game while also picking up some very impressive JJ skills as of late. the former number one super middleweight in New England, Davis has really hard hands with KO power that should not be overlooked. as seen in his last fights, his kicks are getting better and his submission game is increasing at a phenomenal rate. with a beautiful ankle lock victory over Pete Spratt and that come from behind armbar victory over Paul Taylor (one of my favorite fights because it displays how versatile he truly is) it leaves me astonished at this seemingly solid JJ game that came almost out of nowhere. I think Alves has the advantage with the kicks, Davis with the hands, which ill see a close stand up battle. on the ground, i see Davis' crafty JJ having an advantage over Alves' defensive JJ and might see Davis trying submissions. However, i think these two warriors will keep it standing and by the 3rd round, Davis will land a punch worthy from a former number one super middleweight in New England and will KO Alves after an interesting and exciting stand up war. My Prediction: Davis 3rd round KO
3/6/08 8:30:54PM
I don't want to sound like "that guy" But Barnett and CC have fought three times all with CC winning.
3/6/08 9:15:16PM

Posted by TimW001

I don't want to sound like "that guy" But Barnett and CC have fought three times all with CC winning.

Oh my god you're that guy!!!!

Sorry man someone had to do it!
3/6/08 9:44:01PM
I'd pay to see

Cro Cop vs Fedor 2

Vitor Belfort vs Tito 2

Wanderlei Silva Vs dan henderson 3

Dan henderson vs Anderson Silva 2

Minotoro Noguiera (Lil Nog) vs Shogun rua 2

Liddell Vs belfort 2

Randy Couture Vs belfort 3

Gomi Vs BJ penn 2

Nick Diaz Vs Gomi2

GSP vs BJ Penn 2

Hellboy hansen vs Yves edwards 2

Im sure there are more, but those are some that interest me.
3/6/08 10:02:54PM
Bj vs Hughes 3

Bj vs Machida!
3/6/08 10:17:54PM
3 rubber matches i would love to see
Chris " the Polish Hammer" Horodecki vs Ryan "The Lion" Shultz
Sam "Hands of Stone" Stout vs. Spencer "the King" Fischer
:The Prodigy" BJ Penn vs. Matt Hughes
3/6/08 10:22:21PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars
Bj vs Machida!

Haha, hell yes!! I want B.J. to get that fat again.

Edit: Karo Parisyan Vs. Diego Sanchez
Manny vs. Nate Diaz (definitely agree with you on that)
Jens Pulver vs. Gomi
Nick Diaz vs. Gomi (Marijuana use is not a dumb reason to have a fight overturned.)
3/6/08 10:22:36PM
coututre-liddell 4
gsp-penn II
guida-griffin II
hendo-wand III
fedor-nog 4
penn-gomi II
liddell-rampage III
rampage-wand III
shogun-rampage II
hendo-a.silva II
griffin-jardine II
arlovski-sylvia 4
penn-hughes III
3/6/08 10:46:23PM
Lesnar vs. Mir

I think if Lesnar works on his ground game that a second fight could play out differently. I still think Mir would win but it would be a better fight.

BJ vs. GSP

David The Crow vs. Rich Franklin

Great fight The Crow was getting dominated and then dropped Rich.

Bisping Hamill

Griffin Bonnar 3

3/6/08 11:30:39PM
3/7/08 1:38:29AM
3/7/08 11:03:45AM

Posted by TimW001

I don't want to sound like "that guy" But Barnett and CC have fought three times all with CC winning.

...and two of the three were kind of dumb.
3/7/08 11:24:07AM
I'd like to see:

Gomi / BJ

Wand / Liddell

Cro Cop / Kongo

Shogun / Lil Nog


Jardine / Chuck

Fedor / Fujita

Rubber Matches I'd like to see:

Stout / Fisher

BJ / Hughes

Wand / Hendo

Bas / Ken
3/7/08 2:17:15PM
Nate Diaz/Manny
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