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7/27/10 2:57:07AM
link Goran Reljic is on his way back to light-heavyweight because he finds the cut to middleweight too difficult. He also expects to be cut from the UFC if he loses his next fight, although he does not think he lost his last bout.
7/27/10 6:45:59AM
I'm glad, he looked drawn out against grove. I still think Reljic is a top prospect and will some day be a world beater.
7/27/10 12:24:56PM
Curious to see who he faces. Maybe winner or irvin vs pokrjac this weekend
7/28/10 2:58:25PM
THe possibilities are endless as far as his next opponet at 205. He looked outstanding against Goveia at 205. I guess this is the right move, although I agree, there is no way he should have lost against Grove. I guess the judge's gave him the First round due to the Upkick...
7/28/10 7:10:57PM
I liked the idea of him moving back up. He was wayyy too big for 185 it seemed.
7/28/10 7:50:57PM
"I like it.....I like it a lot" Goran is a beast. And at MW he was incapacitating the beast!! @ 205 he can no end!!!! And then not have to cut 12-15 lbs. We'll see what he can do in the UFC at 205. It is a very deep division!! To say the least.
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