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12/23/10 7:29:13PM
If you’ve seen Clay Guida fight even once, then it will not surprise you to learn of the type of a football player he was as a child.

Guida grew up in the Chicago area and, like many boys his age, played youth football. Guida, though, wasn’t your typical defensive player.

“You know, I just loved to run around on the field,” Guida said. “I used to just love to run and go and tackle the guy with the ball.”


Good article/interview with Clay Guida
12/23/10 11:39:33PM
The best belches in the business....good read.
12/24/10 12:37:29AM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

The best belches in the business....good read.

You gotta love the carpenter! His energy, his enthusiasm... He has the heart of a true champ, that's for sure.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was invented because of crazy bastards like Clay Guida who are impossible to knock out. They figured out if you wanted to stop him, you have to choke him unconscious or break his arm/leg!
12/24/10 3:44:03AM
guida has shown really good submission defense though. he fought some BJJ black belts and was still able to stuff submissions and get take downs. guida really is a great fighter to watch
12/24/10 6:07:54AM
i'm hoping quida stands with gomi long enough to get ktfo
12/24/10 8:06:10AM
Some of the best fights I've seen are with Guida-Griffin,Huerta,Sanchez;even though he lost those he's made a fan of me.I always look forward to his bouts.
12/24/10 3:50:27PM
I wanna see this fight the most on the card
Never seen guida fight live before. Got my guida shirt online to
Wear next week can't wait to see it!!!