UFC releases Marcus Davis following UFC 125 loss

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1/6/11 2:54:21PM
After 15 fights, four fight-night bonuses, a spot on the organization's reality series, former welterweight title contention, and a handful of high-profile international fights, Marcus Davis received his UFC walking papers following a UFC 125 loss to Jeremy Stephens.

Davis' manager, Joe Cavallaro, today confirmed the release with MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com).

1/6/11 3:14:08PM
Not suprised but I thought he might possibly get one more shot at 55.
1/6/11 3:17:10PM
I think he should try his hand in Bellator. He just can't keep up with all the new young guns in the UFC, Welterweight or Lightweight.
1/6/11 3:19:13PM
I always liked Marcus. Kind of sad too see him go, but he just hasn't looked the same lately. He was winning the fight against Stephens before the KO though.
1/6/11 5:26:02PM
I am going to miss the Irish Hand Grenade. He was always fun to watch and every fight he had was a classic. He had suffered some brutal and hard fought losses in his last few fights.

Ben Saunders ko'ed him for the first time in his MMA career with those sick Muay Thai knees. Nate Diaz recovered from some big first round shots to box Davis to death and subsequently choke him unconscious. And then there was the Jeremy Stephens fight which he was winning until he got ko'ed standing in the third round.

I hope Davis can get back to form and maybe someday return to the UFC.
1/6/11 6:08:55PM
Bum deal for Marcus, and the fans. THis guy was a very exciting fighter. i think he has 5 or so "OTN" honors. He has got two losses in a row and has been declining but i thouhg the would get at least one more shot at LW!?
1/6/11 6:54:58PM
its crazy if Stephens dosent land that one big punch we are all talkin about how good Davis looked at LW, i would have given him one more chance at LW but i hope everything works out for The Irish Hand Grenade
1/6/11 10:37:12PM
A little upset that davis got cut
I always liked him loved his fights. Glad I was able to finally see him fight live this summer as well as last week
Even though I picked diaz and stephens to win
1/7/11 12:14:42AM
sadness but if he doesnt retire I hope he gathers a few more Ko's in his next few fights, Bellator, strikeforce, wherever, , This cat is a main event anywhere else he fights
1/7/11 12:27:41AM
Based on his recent comments this may be the end of the road for the Irish Hand Grenade. He's had a looonnnnnng career full of battles. No shame in hanging them up now if he does. Same goes for if he doesn't too.

I know I'd be more than happy to take lessons from a guy like Marcus Davis. He ought to consider becoming a boxing coach for one of the bigger gyms or even opening one of his own if he doesn't have one already
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