UFC Releases Light Heavyweight Jake O’Brien

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8/18/09 8:55:28AM
Following losses in three of his last four fights, the UFC has released light heavyweight Jake O’Brien, according to Five Ounces of Pain, who confirmed the release with O’Brien’s agent Ken Pavia.

8/18/09 9:37:28AM
he was gonna be, 3 of last 4 fights by losses, and a split win won't cut it anymore, not even a 500 record or winning record in the ufc
8/18/09 12:32:16PM
Farewell to Irish'!

(awful nickname)
8/18/09 1:44:40PM
Not an exciting fighter anyway, wasn't making an impact, understandable cut.
8/18/09 2:27:51PM
Easy way for SF to grab up a decent LHW, he wouldn't be ready for Gegard but he could be a nice match up for the recently deceased....UFC is going to make a few of these LHW cuts soon I am sure of it.
8/18/09 5:58:25PM
agreed. They can't carry that many fighters and keep them fighting. guys are getting one fight a year. Not enough for the young guys.

3 fights a year should be what young cats should do. That's a fight, 2 weeks to heal, then a 3 week slow build up back in the gym, a 6 week training camp, 1 week down, then another fight. Etc....

With only one to two fights a year young and up and coming talent can't learn and get as good as they need to. You also lose focus. More fights than that are hard to take if your faces catches people's fists alot. :) If you go in there like Machida and hardly get touched---well you should fight 4 times a year. ;)
8/18/09 6:51:22PM
Out goes Jake O'Brien, in comes Rogerio Nogueira...i like it.
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