UFC to Release Economic Impact Study to Prove How Much Revenue MMA Events Would Bring to New York State

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11/6/08 5:14:41PM
WHO: Lawrence Epstein, General Counsel, Ultimate Fighting Championship®

Marc Ratner, VP for Governmental & Regulatory Affairs, Ultimate Fighting Championship®

Jamie Springer, HR&A Advisors, author of economic impact study

WHAT: Conference call to discuss an economic impact study showing fiscal benefits and revenue, including event spending and visitor spending, that Ultimate Fighting Championship® events would contribute to state and local economies if they were held in New York City and Buffalo, respectively

WHY: As legislators prepare to debate the regulation of the sport of mixed martial arts in New York, officials from the Ultimate Fighting Championship® urge them to consider the much-needed tourist spending and tax dollars that events would bring to cash-strapped communities.

Mixed martial arts is among the fastest growing sports in the world, and UFC® is the most heavily regulated and widely recognized of the MMA organizations. Known for its intense competition and remarkable athleticism, the sport is winning an increasingly large following. Its surging popularity has made it a coveted attraction for local officials and arena owners alike. A sellout crowd of 21,390 – the biggest ever for a UFC fight – attended the April 19 UFC® welterweight championship match in Montreal, producing a live gate of more than $5 million.

11/6/08 5:56:20PM
i hope this works. i would love to have a MMA event here in NY and there is serious economic potential as i hope the study will prove. with the economy going down, it is important to look to institutions that are on a "meteoric" rise, as Mike Goldberg would say.
11/6/08 7:21:44PM
PLEASE ******* DO. Let me say as a resident here in New York taxes are getting higher every day! They are hiking up the income tax 15%...
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