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6/5/12 7:42:48PM
Let's put it this way, consider the idea that if/when you break up with this girl, how you will feel once you find someone else who treats you like a real partner, and not just a fuck buddy. This girl will be water under the bridge man, once your life is in perspective.
6/5/12 7:43:21PM

Posted by prophecy033

so is the "i blacked out" line. I've been shit housed drunk and always remembered at least the important shit like "did I cheat". Now passing out is another story. My ex and I went out with friends and I got sauced pretty good. Well, when we got home she wanted some and I was almost out. The next day she asked if I remembered anything and I asked about what. She said when we were in bed. I said. She said I was wanting sex and you told me to whip it out and go to town. I was thinking sweet. Then she said I passed out and she gave up. I'm still kinda pissed about that.
Sorry, just thought I'd lighten the mood with my "wtf" moment

This has happened to me a few times. I always tend to load up too much on those confident juices when I was a grasshopper and when it was time to do the dirty deed, I could barely move. Two times this has happened to me that I can recall.

First account - I was in the Navy. I met a fellow sailor during schooling. We became good friends. He is from Spokane, Washington btw. I got stationed in Everett, Washington. He got stationed in Virginia. I asked if he would let me date one of his sisters. He says "only if I'm serious."

I said, "Of course!"

So I went up to Spokane - crossed that PASS which required chains. I had no chains. A stranger offers me a set of chains. This must be my lucky day.
Crossed the pass and gave the chains back to the good citizen and I was on my way.

Got there. 3 sisters ( 19 yrs, 21 yrs, 24 yrs ) decided to hang out with me. I was 25 yrs old at the time. Indeed, this is my lucky day. They took me to the mall and then we hung out at a recreational area for a bit and pretty soon the day was over. We all agreed to hang out at my motel room. They took me on a detour to get some weed. We got to the room and here's how it went.

My evil plan was to hypnotize them with alcohol. Their evil plan was to hypnotize me with marijuana. The first hour went slowly because it was an awkward moment for the four of us - one guy and three girls. The second hour came and it was as if God said, "Let there be life." And life began. We were laughing, talking nonsense. The middle sister came on to me. The youngest is dancing on her own and the oldest is high as a kite on the bed...and me - I'm just swell.

The middle sister says, "KFM, you're not going to take advantage of us, are you?"

"Are you sure it's not the other way around?" I cunningly countered with an evil grin like this one >>

The middle sister smiles and says, "Is that what you want?" while taking a huge puff from her blunt.

I was actually stunned and I fumbled. This is too easy but I couldn't come up with anything. I just loaded up on the alcohol and I grabbed her hand and we started grinding. She was still holding her blunt and I gently grabbed it from her and took one huge puff. I loaded up on the confident juice again and again took another puff.

I know you guys are going to call me weak but here is the tale of the tape.

3 beer plus two puffs vs KFM

Who won?

I have never felt so helpless in my life. It only took approximately 5 to 10 minutes before my body went numb and I was completely paralyzed. I can see the girls. I can hear them talking but I was not able to respond. They laid me on the bed. The horny middle sister was trying to sweet talk to me while rubbing my cock but I was unable to comply. They eventually gave up and left me to my fate. I thought I was in serious trouble but after a few hours my body started to respond.

So this is what I learned.

1. You don't mix alcohol and marijuana. BTW this was only my second time smoking weed.
2. When the opposite sex has already waved the white flag, you need to stop polluting your body with toxins or else you're not gettin' none.

My second account will have to wait.

6/5/12 10:22:50PM

Posted by warglory

Let's put it this way, consider the idea that if/when you break up with this girl, how you will feel once you find someone else who treats you like a real partner, and not just a fuck buddy. This girl will be water under the bridge man, once your life is in perspective.

Bro I already done got rid of this she is practically banging down my front door to get back to me and trying to prove that "she really did care...and wants to make things right." I'm not buyin it......and every time I get mad over the things she's done and say mean things(which in a way, she deserves) she puts up a wall and tries to say something else to piss me off more.....

like I said, I just wanna understand so I can let some of this pain go and move the fuck on
6/6/12 11:02:24AM
Give her the triangle choke. She'll learn real fast not to be a whore.
6/6/12 1:40:54PM

Posted by Kpro

Posted by Bubbles

I once had to literally drag my friend away from some random guy at a bar she was flirting with (and probably grinding with) because she was in a relationship, albeit they were in a rough patch. She used the "I'm drunk and horney" line and I ignored it.

So youuuuu were the one cockblockin me that night.

you didn't buy me a drink to look the other way
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