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9/6/12 5:46:11PM
Hello everyone my name is Anthony. While I have been on the playground for several years, I have never really committed much to commenting on the forum. Therefore, I feel as though no one on the site really knows I exist quite frankly which brings me to the point of this post. I have just recently decided to major in journalism This decision made me realize the opportunity this site gives me on a daily basis to write my opinion and to receive instant feedback from the great fans of mma like myself. I just wanted to formally introduce myself to the playground now that I am going to post on a regular basis!
9/6/12 5:50:59PM
Welcome back. I remember the AV.
9/6/12 5:52:42PM
Great to have you NBK92! Always great to have more people posting. I know you've been lurking for a while. Hope you have fun, this is definitely the best MMA forum to share your opinions on, and the best fantasy site around

Edit: you gave me my 8th prop ever back on 1-14-11 NBK! It probably took me about two months of consistent posting to get my first 10 props... Anyhow, I did shout you out in my 500 and 650 prop speeches. So I knew you existed
9/6/12 6:22:36PM
Hey man. Good to see you want to start posting more. And journalism huh? We won't hold it against you
9/6/12 6:24:18PM
Great to have you and your opinion buddy!
9/6/12 8:50:45PM
10/18/12 4:33:59PM
Hey man, if you're intereted in writing MMA related stuff, I might be able to help you out with that. Send me a private message here and we can talk.

10/18/12 6:49:56PM
I remember you bro, good to have you back on the Playground
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