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10/12/10 1:32:46PM
Never heard this one in part because i don't follow K-1 that closely, but just in case you heard's been confirmed. Hari IS NOT dead. He is alive and well.

A rumor that beleaguered Dutch-born Morroccan K-1 star Badr Hari had died today in an accident that took place in his African homeland has been laid to rest by reps from It's Showtime -- the promotion he is currently contracted to.

The story began on a thread on a Dutch forum (which has now been taken down) where a disturbing headshot photo reportedly of Badr dead and covered with blood was also posted and the story quickly grew legs and spread amongst the MMA community. Much like a similar rumor that made the rounds about Kimo Leopoldo last July and was picked up by several mainstream sites including CNN and TMZ, the Hari story was given credence by the fact that nobody could locate the kickboxer.

The rumor was eventually refuted by the tweet above posted on It's Showtime's Twitter page.

That would be this one...

CP also posted pics of Hari and the injured/dead person. And after looking at it, they don't look too different. The only differences I could see were slight ones in the facial hair.
10/12/10 8:12:05PM
I didn't hear about this but thankfully he is ok.
10/15/10 1:07:15AM
The world would be a duller place without this fierce man putting guys like Ubereem back in their place.
12/3/10 12:52:52PM
so what site was this rumour from, major bollocks cqause Badr has just been released by the cops

o wait its old message hahah my bad
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