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4/12/10 10:54:10PM
Ever since the Dan mirgliota poked Herring in the eye before his fight with brock i have never takin him seriously. But watching him the other night i was really impressed. I thought his warning silva for running and threatening to take a point away was great. I also like how in the Johnson/Blackburn fight after Johnson got kicked in the balls he made johnson settle down and take time to recover.
Heres the link for that

On the flip side every I think Marc Goddard was a terrible ref. In watching the Osipczak/Story fight he stood up Story 2 or 3 times when IMO he remained relatively active. He also Broke them up out of the clinch 3 times when story had him pressed up against the fence going for takedowns. Finally the worst was seeing him threaten to stand up the fight when story had a guilitine in. I dont know if he is just uneducated as a ref, doesnt like the ground game, or owes some major favors to Osipczak but something definetely seemed fishy to me there.
Check it out and voice your opinions.link2
4/13/10 11:39:14PM
I just watched the Story Nick fight and the only problem I had was in the last stand up that ended with Rick catching several knees for it. He was standing and ready to drop some leg kicks or to re-enter the gaurd with punches IMO. All the other stand ups were not bad IMO.
4/14/10 12:00:35AM
I met with Dan and Herb Dean after the UFC112 event in the Centrino Hotel in Abu Dhabi, we were discussing the events and how they went during a meal. They all agreed that Silva sucked in the last two rounds, and deserved a point taken for the stupidity. Anyhow, with the way the judges scored it, even if Dan have taken 4 point, it would have been the same.
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