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4/22/09 12:13:03AM
Referee Yves Lavigne says he wiped down Anderson Silva and got approval from Thales Leites’ corner prior to their main event bout Saturday at UFC 97.

An live blog observed that as Silva entered the Octagon, he rubbed lubricant -- applied to his face by a commission-approved cutman -- onto his torso. In the wake of “greasing” allegations against Georges St. Pierre’s corner at UFC 94, the observation received critical attention.

However, Lavigne, who watched a replay of Saturday’s event, said the cameras did not reveal that both himself and Leites’ corner had noticed Silva repeatedly touch his face and body during his warm-up lap around the Octagon. Lavigne said Leites’ corner motioned for the referee to inspect Silva’s body, although Lavigne said he would have proceeded regardless.

Lavigne said both Silva and his corner were apologetic, and the fighter tried to assist the referee as he tended to him.

“While I wiped one glove, Silva took the end of the towel and wiped his other glove. He was helping me,” Lavigne said. “Both corners were aware of it and approved [of] it.

Now Let's Stop Beating a Dead Horse, Shall We?
4/22/09 12:27:58AM
Good deal. Good to see Yves was on top of it. However, it does go to show you that fans who expressed concerns were doing so rightfully. If it was a big enough deal for the Athletic Commission to step in, then it's a big enough deal for fans to bitch about.
4/22/09 12:52:57AM
still why did he do it in the first place?
4/22/09 8:57:28AM
We'll never know why he did it, and no answer could satisfy anyway.

What Yves did was a good thing, and I believe it's the direct result of all the attention paid to the controversy, not only by the fans, but by the allegations brought by BJ Penn (previously). If no one pursues the issue, if no one takes it seriously, then nothing changes.

4/22/09 11:24:29AM
Good to know.

I honestly think he was just trying to get it off his face, like his manager said. It would be pretty ballsy of him to try to grease himself up when all eyes were on him like that. But who knows.
4/22/09 4:55:44PM
Doesn't he usually do that though before his fights. I never really payed much attention until the whole GSP thing but maybe someone can go back and look at some vids....
4/26/09 11:57:31AM
i have seen him do it before, and seriously the amount that he could have gotten off his eyes/cheek wouldnt have made any difference on the ground.....and you just heard that from someone who agrees that the BJ/GSP fight was a huge deal, and could have made a huge difference.
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